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United States Texas Plano. Banfield Pet Hospital.

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Banfield Pet Hospital Plano, Texas. I cancelled my plans for my pets due to a pattern of "being booked up" when my animal or animals needed to be seen. Was told on the phone to call around to other Banfields. No need to pay for a plan w .

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No need to pay for a plan when you can't get in to see the vet. This cost me emergency vet appointments 2 times within the last 12 months. Also, they tried to send home my cat after shots and she was dreweling heavily and having diarrhea all over the cat carrier. I asked the vet tech to take her back in to the vet as she was having a severe Banfield plano texas to the shots. The vet had to give her antihistimine shot, etc. Not a place I want my animals cared for. They seem friendly. I have only been to this Bandfield 3 times since I transferred from the Richardson location due to the manager there being extremely rude and just horrible to deal with.

I give it I give it a 3 because I have both my dog and cat on their wellness plan BUT I feel I am wasting my money with my cat since they say they can't treat her at all unless she sedated because she hisses at them. I don't understand since they should know how to deal with a cat that does not want to be dealt with. I mean they are a vet office. I've seen many videos of veterinarians dealing with very angry cats and they all have different ways of dealing with them and still being able to treat them, but unfortunately Bandfiel will not even try too.

I will probably be canceling her wellness plan and taking her else where that is better equipped to deal with cats My dog is a good boy and does not put up much of a fight so he gets treated when needed. Read Less. Wonderful staff who are friendly and keep you informed. They also call throughout the year when exams and vaccines are due. I absolutely loved the staff! Everyone was amazing especially vet Mendoza!

She answered all of my questions and gave my dog and I her undivided attention. This will be where we start taking our dogs f This will be where we start taking our dogs from now on. My dog was hurt and online there were 3 appointments available at this location.

I called to schedule over the phone to give a description of my dogs injury and the receptionist refused to book an app I called to schedule over the phone to give a description of my dogs injury and the receptionist refused to book an appointment because "they don't like to see sick dogs that late in the day. Terrible service, I scheduled both of my dogs to get an appointment and a few days before the appointment they called and said one was cancelled without us canceling it.

It turns out they forgot to sc It turns out they forgot to schedule one of our dogs and pushed us out an entire month. Very unprofessional and did not try to work with me at all. I absolutely do not recommend. I LOVE this location! We started taking our new puppy there when we got him, the staff is amazing always very sweet. When we have appointments they always call to remind us and after the appointment t When we have appointments they always call to remind us and after the appointment they call you the next day to check up on everything.

My puppy is never scared with any of the staff. They are always busy which is a great thing they do their jobs very well! We got the wellness plan and it has saved us SO much money I can take my puppy in for anything that is worrying me. They get you in quick you do not have to wait days to get a Banfield plano texas. I highly reccomend this location for your pets! The only good thing about Banfield is that it is convenient. I wish I had stayed with my other vet.

They do not offer Banfield plano texas care or any follow up. I did everything the vet told me to do for my I did everything the vet told me to do for my dog. I called the office with questions regarding a follow up visit. They said the vet would call me back around the same day. He never did. My dog died a few days later. I truly believe that he could have lived longer if there was a follow up. At least a call to answer my questions. Also, even if your pet is dead, you still have to pay monthly for the wellness plan.

It is a money making business. They don't care about your pet.

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I have taken my dogs to Banfield for the past 15 years. They are busy for a reason, many people are happy with the services and care. It's affordable and the vet has always made accurate diagnosis and It's affordable and the vet has always made accurate diagnosis and treatments. They will also work your dog into their schedule if there is an immediate concern. Other vets usually make you schedule an appointment which you end up having to wait days.

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The receptionist Candice has the worst attitude I have ever dealt with at a place. She is unhelpful and just plain rude. I will never come to this location because of her. Just save your time and go t Just save your time and go to another banfield. I don't need to deal with mad mouthing employees when I can go somewhere else.

She really needs to find a different job where she doesn't have to deal with people. Love the staff at this Banfield. I love this Banfield location! I rescue a puppy about 5 months ago and I've got on with their Wellness plans and I absolutely love the care we've gotten every time we've gone in. The staff is friendly The staff is friendly, they take time to answer my questions, and they all genuinely seem to love my dog! They talk about their pets at home and that makes me feel like we're all in the same boat, just loving our pets!

My dog doesn't mind going there she actually goes in without turning back and she does just fine when I drop her off. They always give me a call during the day if she's there longer than a couple hours. Wow this place is horrible. Well my dog is 10 years old and has been slowing down lately. She had a little bit of hamburger meat the other night and got sick. She has been sleeping more than usual and She has been sleeping more than usual and a real lack of energy. Decided she needed to have a checkup and this Petsmart was the closest place to Banfield plano texas house.

Knowing I'm upset and in a vulnerable state she took advantage. So she made me feel horrible that I couldn't afford to do every test available. After not hearing any news by 10 am I called for an update. Told that Dr. Wilcox did the blood test and needed to review the and will call. Got Banfield plano texas call 2 hrs later asking if he could do the blood test and another test.

He said the girl from that morning said I told her not to do any test. He did the blood test and called me about an hr later. This is the most horrific part of the experience.

Banfield plano texas

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