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Good luck exploring the online cyber world with your girls. Who knows, it may even inspire your inner child to get out and play awhile! Health Topics.

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Health Tools. Healthy Home. By Jennifer Kelly. Reviewed: November 15, With such as education, fashion and fun, websites for girls abound with ideas that can help nurture and empower your young lady. Educational Websites for Girls.

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Informational sites can be interactive, while offering educational games, quizzes, puzzles, challenges, and forums. Along with supplementing their school topics, these sites can help your girls expand their areas of interest. It provides quizzes, games, "girl talk" areas with real-world concerns, educational articles and even recipes.

The site does incorporate information about the Girl Scouts throughout its content, but as long as Best girl sites are not opposed to that, it is all good, clean fun. This site is especially good for girls in the younger age range, since there are bright colors and the information is spaced out in an easy-to-manage format.

If your little lady has a flair for the wild, this site provides a plethora of information, videos, activities, interactive adventures, puzzles and games for her to explore the world. Since the site is a division of National Geographic, you can count on the content being credible and highly educational.

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With topics such as outdoor adventure, sports, fine arts, sci-tech, and activism to name a fewthis site is deed to encourage female empowerment. This web-based historical adventure game is led by Chinese-American heroine Josie True, who explores time and space to find her teacher, Ms. Besides the game side of the site, there are also informative articles and news stories on gender and technology. Fashion Websites for Girls.

If you know a special young lady who has a creative flair, she may enjoy perusing sites related to fashion, beauty, fitness and health. You may be wondering what an 8-year-old could want to know about fashion, but what if she is the next Coco Chanel?

Talking to your little girls about how beauty starts from the inside can keep a balanced perspective, but also take some time to explore sites that can inspire your daughter to live a healthy lifestyle, Best girl sites. Here are some sites that might help: 7. There is more discussion of boys, style and beauty, so they may not be entirely appropriate, but you may find some interesting articles you can print off and share together. Fun Websites for Girls Besides school and fashion, other sites exist to excite the imagination of your youngster.

Below are a few fun sites that girls can enjoy, and - who knows - maybe the two of you can share the experience! Talk about an exciting site: AGirlsWorld.

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Not only are many of the questions that the site poses thought-provoking, but they will get your girls thinking outside the box early. Get Busy Exploring! While the above sites are generally considered safe and appropriate for young girls to explore and enjoy, it is still recommended that parents keep a watchful eye on youngsters while they surf, play and learn. These nine websites for girls are a great place to start, and you will likely get more ideas as you go.

One line of caution: Be wary of sites targeting children for advertising purposes.

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