Big game hunting in afghanistan

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After speaking to Rob about what I was looking for, he provided me with several options and spent time with me explaining the differences so that I could make the best choice possible. The Hunting Consortium took care of everything that was needed for my hunt, from my travel arrangements, to my rifle permit, and made everything seamlessly easy for me. As a result of the services that Rob and the Hunting Consortium provided for me, I have decided to have Rob arrange my first hunt in Africa as well as all of my future hunts.

No Guff! I've booked over 30 international hunts through the Hunting Consortium and fully intend to use their professional services far into the future! No matter whether in Europe, Africa, or Asia - even in Russia, Tajikistan, and Iran, everything is ready to go and there are no surprises. I really appreciate their travel services - they do my visas, air tickets and everything else I need for an easy trip.

One stop shopping! Their staff are the most experienced professionals in the hunting industry. They have made my many hunting trips easier and smoother, not to mention successful. I trust their candid, straight forward advice and appreciate their personalized service. Sue and I think of them as family! Every trip is meticulously planned with true military precision. I have very much enjoyed my trips with Hunting Consortium and would not trust anyone else to outfit my international hunts!

Friendly and courteous, the service I get from them is truly first class. The trips have been as awesome as the staff who have taken great care of me throughout the years and many, many hunts! I have averaged over hunting days in that time and many, if not most of those days were booked through The Hunting Consortium. Their knowledge and experience is unmatched in the hunting industry. I finished that trip by hunting all of the species available to hunt in these locations besides one. The achievement I am most proud of though is my 21 day hunt in Spain where I took every animal that is currently available to hunt.

Considering that the 7 Capra species were all free-range, this was very challenging but the Hunting Consortium put me in the best areas with best outfitters. It is hard to believe, but every hunt and trip has been characterized by the same qualities - superior service, with a can-do attitude, excellent operators, all arrangements on time and fulfilling everything promised. This is a great organization! I am looking forward to my next hunt with the Hunting Consortium. Their amazing knowledge and continuous research has put me in a position to take some truly extraordinary trophies, with the very best guides in the hunting world today.

Nobody knows more about Big game hunting in afghanistan game and the world of hunting than these guys and the travel team at the Hunting Consortium is unlike any I have ever used. They know from personal experience how to get someone into and out of the most remote places in the world and they keep up with the ever-changing regulations concerning hunting, firearms and travel options. They have risked their reputation and their very lives to blaze your trail. Everything went exactly as you had planned it, no surprises - no problems.

The trackers and hunters absolutely amazed us. I can't think of one thing or issue to complain about. It was as good as it gets and I highly recommend the Hunting Consortium to anyone. Again, thanks for all you did for us. Introduction to Marco Polo Argali Hunting: Arguably the most beautiful and prestigious of all the argali, or giant sheep of Asia, is the Marco Polo argali Ovis ammon polii.

The majestic flaring horns of the Marco Polo sheep can exceed 70 inches in length, making it the most impressive wild sheep trophy in the world. Throughout large portions of Kyrgyzstanthe predominant species of argali is the Tian Shan Ovis ammon karelini. However, in hunting areas south of the Naryn River Valley, bordered on the east by China and on the south by Tajikistan, true Marco Polo Ovis ammon polii are found.

Grandslam Club OVIS and other hunting organizations, make an additional distinction, for trophy recording purposes. Argalis from the northern most region, South of the Naryn River, can also be considered Hume argalibecause of their horn conformation and intermediate pelage, between the Marco Polo sheep and the Tian Shan argali, found North of the Naryn. At the moment these sheep are not importable into the United States, but are, however, importable into Canada, Mexico, European Union, and many other countries. The Tian Shan argali is a somewhat smaller sheep than the Marco Polo sheep, with slightly shorter horns.

Whether you want to collect a Marco Polo argali, Hume argali, or Tian Shan argali from Kyrgyzstan or Tajikistanwe can accommodate you. The Hunting Consortium Ltd. We have been working in central Asia sinceand we are confident that we provide the very best hunting opportunities and service in that developing part of the world. Experience counts and the we have delivered for our clients are unmatched by any other organization.

The of recent Marco Polo sheep hunts reflect the many improvements which we have made to the hunt for this highly sought after sheep. All of our hunters have been successful more than hunters. Recent trophies have measured between 54 and 67 inches of horn-length. We built the famous Hot Springs Camp and we have exclusive use of it for our hunters during the best period for Marco Polo sheep. After exhaustive scouting we have selected and contracted the best hunting areas for Marco Polo sheep, at the best time of year, exclusively, which other companies do not have access to.

Over the last twenty years we have built a team of professional hunters and service personnel that is unlike those of any of our competitors. A Hunting Consortium team member escorts every hunt in Kyrgyzstan and in Tajikistan and is the only American company that has its own full-time staff in Tajikistan. Our employees ensure that your hunt is conducted without a hitch. We have full-time service staff in Dushanbe Tajikistan to handle Big game hunting in afghanistan administrative functions, such as s, visas, firearm permits, etc.

Every camp has a professional hunter employed by Hunting Consortium, who acts as an interpreter and liaison with local guides. It is his responsibility to take care of and look after the interests of every client. The hunts in Tajikistan are conducted in an area called the Gorno-Badakhshan. It is located in the triangle between the borders of PakistanChinaand Afghanistan. Our several hunting areas lie close to each other in the heart of the Pamir Mountains, at higher elevation than the hunting areas in Kyrgyzstanin some places over 15, feet.

This famous region contains approximately half of all the Marco Polo sheep population of the world. Hunters routinely see between 1, — 3, sheep each hunting day! The base camps are located at an average altitude of about 13, feet and the primary hunting areas are adjacent to the famous Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan.

Our camps are outfitted with modern equipment including camp beds, stoves and first-aid equipment. Our team of experts coordinate all details, including the necessary trophy preparation and export papers. Stalking is done on foot as soon as the game is sighted, but long distances up to kilometers or Big game hunting in afghanistan per day are traveled by jeep, in search of old, trophy quality rams. The largest Marco Polo sheep ever recorded have come from Tajikistan. Travel to Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan is generally accomplished via Istanbul, where convenient flights are available on Turkish Airlines to Dushanbe and Bishkek.

The Hunting Consortium has a full-time service representative stationed in Istanbul to meet every client passing through this famous city, providing assistance in transit procedures and guided sightseeing, and escorted shopping service when desired. Our Marco Polo sheep hunts have been described in numerous outdoor magazines and hunting publications in America and in Europe, and several of our Marco Polo sheep hunts have been televised.

Several famous outdoor writers and television personalities have hunted with us including Jim Shockey and Craig Boddington Big game hunting in afghanistan we have literally hundreds of positive reports and references. We are a full-service travel agency. As a service to our clients, we make all travel and transportation arrangements, including air tickets and hotel reservations, as well as assistance in the procurement of the required visa and firearm import permit. We ensure that the necessary export permits for trophies taken are issued.

A member of our professional staff meets every client in Istanbul en route to Dushanbe or Bishkek and upon arrival in the destination country. We also assist with all entry and exit formalities. It is important to note that hunting in central Asia requires a sense of adventure and is not for the hunter who wishes to be pampered, although we will do everything we can to accommodate any requests. Traveling in Asia has never been easier and hunting any more likely to end in success.

For the adventurous sportsman in search of great trophies, it is a fascinating destination. For residents of the United States, a federal import permit is required. Generally, 60 import permits are available for Tajikistan and 20 permits for Kyrgyzstan each year. We assist our clients in applying for these import permits, but before this process can begin, the hunt itself must be booked.

Big game hunting in afghanistan

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