Bmw x5 4.6

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It looks like an M, accelerates like an M, brakes like an M, smells like an M — but I confess, I stopped short of tasting it. So why didn't BMW's new high-performance variant of the X5, the bhp 4.

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As Martin Birkmann, series manager for 5 Series and X vehicles, explains, "It just did not feel right — it did not deliver the right driving experience," adding that M-badged vehicles are typically rear-drive only, have manual transmissions and have their torque peaks shifted nearer to redline. Still, the Spartanburg, South Carolina-built X5 4. The groundwork was laid with the original X5, whose fully independent suspensions incorporate a mix of aluminum and steel links, and pivot through geometries that are the envy of Suburbans everywhere.

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The BMW's engine and all-wheel drivetrain nest quite deeply in the unit body for a low center of gravity. The 4. Obviously, the target market here is the well-heeled soccer mom or Little League dad with a Bondurant certificate, rather than the outdoorsman looking to get to a remote Bmw x5 4.6 stream. In other words, it's vastly better suited to trail braking than breaking trail. Unite throttle with carpet and this thing plain jumps, barking throatily through its lower-restriction exhaust like a Mustang GT sent to finishing school.

BMW claims a Schnitzel-shredding 6. Key to this performance is a bored and stroked version of the valve M62 V-8 from the 4. Now displacing cc and with a half-point bump in compression now The result is 17 percent more power — bhp at rpm, with torque peaking at lb. Gear ratios of the Steptronic 5-speed automatic remain the same, but a shorter final drive 3. Shift calibrations have also been tightened up, squeezing your shoulder blades into the seat foam nicely on each upshift. If there's a cheesy element to the package, it's the oval exhaust tips that poke through the diffuser; the round pipes of the 4.

Inside, excellent sport seats an option on the 4. As in the M5, the gauges have light gray faces, the tach's with segments around its perimeter that sequentially light up as the engine warms;a reminder not to over-rev when it's cold. It bears repeating just how well the 4.

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It makes one wonder what a BMW sedan with equally wide tires and a ificantly lower ride height could do. Now. New Cars. Car Culture. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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Bmw x5 4.6

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BMW X5 (E53) is ( Hp) Automatic