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Disney movies have never failed to bring their animated character couples to life, from the idyllic romantic Cute disney couples to the fun and dynamic duo. Mickey and Minnie are the original Disney couple. Their classic Disney couples status started in in a silent animation called Plane Crazy. Snow White hit the screen in Cinderella and Prince Charming share a beautiful dance during which they fall madly in love. But when the clock strikes midnight, she disappears, and Prince Charming has nothing but a glass slipper to find her again. Two dogs from different walks of life share a plate of pasta in this original movie, save the day, and find happiness together.

Sleeping Beauty is a classic tale of true love interests. Not only does this stay fall for the sophisticated house cat, but her kittens as well. He steals from the rich, gives to the poor, and wins hearts along the way. In The Rescuers, we see the birth of a beautiful partnership. The Little Mermaid has the first of our Disney couples where the princess is the one who does the saving.

Even without words, Ariel and Eric managed to find true love. Beauty and the Beast brings us one of the best Disney couples of all time. It is about finding the good in everyone, including ourselves. The film shows the happy couple during many romantic moments like the memorable magic carpet ride. The Lion King is the perfect example of hood friendship growing into romance.

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Together they these lions take on the evil Scar and restore order to the Pride Lands. They might be from different lands, but Cute disney couples hearts speak the same language. Pocahontas and John Smith are one of the only Disney couples based on historical events. Both Meg and Herc put their life on the line to save the other and be united in love. Two worlds collide when Tarzan, a man raised by apes, meets Jane. Although we never actually see this couple get together, it is heavily implied. When Milo discovers Atlantis, he meets the beautiful and vibrant Kida, who helps him unlock the long-forgotten secrets of the lost city.

She is a self-made woman, and he is a lazy prince. Yet, through their contrast, they manage to forge a lasting connection as a married couple. Tangled takes the dynamics of a modern couple and places it into a classic tale. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider grow to care deeply for each other and eventually fall in love to pursue their dreams.

Disney best friends come in pairs as well.

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Serving as the voice of reason, Jiminy helps this wooden puppet on his journey to becoming a real boy. Were it not for these two mice, there might not have been Cute disney couples happily ever after. When the evil stepmother locks Cinderella in her room, Jaq and Gus climbed mountains—or stairwells instead—to free their fair friend.

The Sword in the Stone is another example of a Disney movie couple with a mentor and mentee relationship. Merlin takes Arthur on a magical journey of self-discovery that le to a lifelong friendship. The Fox and The Hound show us that finding a Disney best friend is possible in even the most unlikely of places.

Mulan is a strong, independent, and courageous woman, but sometimes she could do with a confidence boost from her guide Mushu and Disney sidekick. This pair takes on an army together and earns the respect of an entire nation. Kuzco learns more about life than riches and fame, while Pacha gains a new friend and family member. Sometimes it feels like our best friends came from a different planet.

Wreck-It Ralph is destructive, Vanellope is glitchy, and neither quite fits in.

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But in each other, they find acceptance and friendship. They are a big and small team that proves not matter your size you can follow your dreams. From battling ice storms to thwarting arrogant princes, Anna and Elsa, Disney sisters have become one of the most loved Disney couples of all time. Disney movie couples are often forced out of their comfort zones. Moana is a Disney princess who is called to save her people. Maui is a demigod who needs to correct his mistakes.

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Through their friendship, each gains confidence in themselves and becomes better a better person. Disney characters couples come in all shapes and sizes. Some duos are romantic couples and some are best friends. Yet one thing rings true for all of them, their ability to teach us lessons and capture our hearts. Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus Pinterest Facebook Twitter.

Cute disney couples

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