Dating culture in afghanistan

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By Jessica Donati. KABUL Reuters - Frustrated by strict social rules, young and educated Afghans are quickly learning that taboos can be sidestepped at the tap of a mobile phone.

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In deeply conservative, Muslim Afghanistan, social media is opening a new route for men and women to communicate in private. Some even find love in a country where most marriages are arranged and strict rules make it tough - and dangerous - for men and women to interact even in the most liberal circles. A recent explosion in Internet use has opened a new frontier, and many are using tools such as instant messaging to approach each other and set up dates.

Like other Afghans interviewed for this report, he asked for his name to be withheld.

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Social media websites such as Facebook offer a rare opportunity for couples to learn about each other before marriage, he said. But there are problems. Online messaging exposes young women to abuse by influential officials. Some officials say they are approached on social media for a job or even romance. One government official said women regularly approached him online, most for work but sometimes looking for romance.

As with anywhere, women say they have to be vigilant online. But in Afghanistan, even postings that would be considered ordinary elsewhere can lead to problems. An year-old law student said she was harassed after she ed her photograph on Facebook.

Even though her liberal family supported the decision, she ended up deleting it after a barrage of comments. Some women say they are prepared to challenge convention and deal with harassment, but find that online interaction does not necessarily break down barriers in the real world. A year-old university student aiming to become a civil servant said she spoke to many male classmates online but they turned out to be shy and withdrawn when she encountered them later. Internet News Updated.

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By Jessica Donati 4 Min Read. Afghan girls work at a first Internet cafe for women in Kabul March 8,

Dating culture in afghanistan

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Young Afghans go online to find friendship and love