Dating shy guys tips

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Last Updated: November 2, References Approved. There are 10 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the. This article has been viewed 60, times. Are you wondering how to take things to the next level with that shy cutie? Shy guys can be perplexing— they may not openly let you know they like you or ask you out, so you'll have to be willing to make the first move in order to date them. Once you've broken the ice, work your magic to get closer to a shy guy. No matter what happens, you'll need to reel in your expectations--a shy guy may be a little different from other guys you've dated.

How did it go for you? Where did you get it? How is yours going so far? Easy Ways to Get to Know Each Other: Hanging out in a relaxed setting: Ask him if he wants to work together in a subject you both have. Ask him to walk or carpool home together, if Dating shy guys tips live near each other. See if he wants to help you set up for an event, like a dance or sports game. If you work at a restaurant or shop, invite him to visit you there. Tip: Ask him what he likes to do on the weekends. Choose one of his favorite things to do, like going to a sports event or playing video games, and ask if you can in!

Finding a way to sit next to him: Grab seats together in the car, or on a bus or train. Go to a diner or restaurant and get seats at the bar or counter instead of a table. Sit side-by-side at a movie or sporting event. Volunteer at a bake sale or soup kitchen and serve side-by-side. Try some light flirting: If it feels right, you can brush his shoulder from time to time or bump his arm with yours.

Lean over to look at his phone or playfully steal food off his plate. Go to a sports game at your school or get cheap tickets to a pro game. Host a game night for both of your friend groups. Invite people who will get along together. Pulling together a group that gets along will reduce stress for you and your guy. Keep these gatherings intimate: just the two of you, of his close friends, and of yours. Tips for Creating Intimacy: Start slow. Ask before you make a Dating shy guys tips move. Is that ok? Once he gets comfortable, he might even take the lead, too.

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We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Related Articles. Part 1. Show interest in little ways. Some shy guys need the green light to know that you're interested. Doing so may give him the courage to come over. Approach him one-on-one. Even the most outgoing guys can be overwhelmed when you're constantly surrounded by a group of friends.

Take the pressure off by stepping away from your pals to chat him up. If your friends are around, ask them to meet you later so you can talk in private. Then walk up to your shy guy with a huge smile and say "Hi. Ask open-ended questions to keep conversations Dating shy guys tips. Greeting one another and making small talk will only get you so far with a shy guy. Suggest low-key activities to warm up to one another.

Once you and Mr. Shy get on friendly terms, suggest a time for you to hang out together. Part 2. Chat side-by-side rather than face-to-face. Guys in general are more receptive during shoulder-to-shoulder activities as opposed to head-on ones. Try to reduce the pressure and help him get comfortable with you by talking and doing activities side-by-side. Connect through shared interests.

Use these interests to deepen conversations or bring excitement to your time together. For example, if you both like Stranger Things, consider binge-watching the show or going to a convention together. You're more likely to win him over if the interest is genuinely mutual. Invite him out to a no-pressure small gathering. Maybe ask him to come with you and friends to a concert or a festival happening in your city.

Up the stakes by hanging out one-on-one. After you've gotten to know one another, initiate plans for a real date. Plan the date around your personalities, so you both feel comfortable. If he's not the mushy type, resist the urge to plan a romantic candlelight dinner. Instead, go for something light-hearted and casual, so you can both be yourselves. Part 3. Get comfortable with some silence. At first, you might be unnerved by the many silences that come with dating a shy guy.

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Give him space as needed. If your boyfriend is shy or introverted, he may need time alone to recharge. Don't take this personally—it's nothing against you. Just establish a way for him to let you know when he needs a little space. Or, he might grow quiet and withdrawn. If this happens, you might ask, "Why don't I go in the other room and give you some space?

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Call ya later, okay? Allow him time to warm to your friends. Avoid situations in which your friends "grill" him with questions. This might make him retreat back into his shell. Also, ask him in advance if he's okay hanging out with a group of your pals. Don't draw attention to his shyness. You might think it's cute when your crush acts shy or blushes, but he may be mortified inside. Avoid calling out his shyness, whether in a group or when you're alone. Just overlook it and act like whatever he's doing is totally normal. Plan to take the lead with intimacy. One of the tough things about dating a shy guy is having to initiate intimacy.

Hugs, kisses, and other forms of affection will likely have to be prompted by you in order for them to happen. Your guy may be too Dating shy guys tips to make the first move. Be patient. Dating a shy guy might feel agonizing. You might constantly wonder if you're on the right track. You might also get frustrated when it takes him longer to open up. He will send you als in his own way to let you know that he's into you.

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Dating shy guys tips

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Tips for Girls Going on a Date With Shy and Introverted Guys