Do people have sex

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Since the answer to such a question is not easily discerned in polite company, it devolves to research organizations to pursue accurate data and dispel or reinforce myths. While many young adults—saturated in Hollywood narratives about the single life—worry that marriage spells the end of stable sex, is such a piece of conventional wisdom accurate?

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Not really. Married Americans reported having sex an average of 1.

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But when we restrict the analyses to those people who have never been married but who are currently romantically involved with someone, they report having sex 1. Altogether un-partnered adults who are not dating report a more modest average of 0. It might seem that moving in with a ificant other increases sexual frequency—by expanding opportunity—but that getting married reduces it perhaps by familiarity. This sort of thinking, however, fails to for the fact that cohabiting and dating people tend to be younger and in newer relationships than married couples. Married people in the Relationships in America survey data are older than cohabiters or never-married persons, on average, by about a decade.

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Advancing age, of course, is associated with decreased sex drive and other stressors that are associated with declining frequency of sexual activity, right? Yes, but not drastically so. Figure 7. To be sure, cohabiting couples still report more frequent sex than married couples, but the difference is only pronounced until around age 25, by which time married and cohabiting couples display parallel patterns of similar sexual frequency.

Moreover, the decline with age is not a very pronounced one. Married year-olds report a sexual frequency about 1. By contrast, never-married singles report notably less sex at every age. So neither marriage nor advancing age spells the end of a consistent sexual relationship. All Rights Reserved. Questions, media inquiries, and comments should be directed to our research team. They can be reached by at research austin-institute.

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Table of Contents Download the Report Contact. Click to Navigate Introduction. Just how religious are Americans? Do people still believe in life after death? Are religious people happier people? Relationships and Sex What share of Americans identify as gay, lesbian, or bisexual? How many people have Americans had sex with? How many Americans have experienced nonmonogamy, or overlapping sexual relationships? How much pornography are Americans consuming? What predicts masturbation practices? How common is premarital sex? Domestic violence: when given the chance to self-report, what do people say?

Who self-reports sexual assault? Who thinks of leaving their marriage more—men or women? What reasons do divorcees offer for leaving? Family Attitudes Is marriage outdated? What are Americans attitudes about relationship issues? Is no-strings-attached sex OK? Is cohabitation a good idea for couples considering marriage?

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Should couples stay together for the sake of the kids? Is marital infidelity still off limits? Should same-sex marriage be legal? Are Americans open to polyamory?

Do people have sex

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