Enclosed trailer ramp door assist

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This application claims priority to Provisional Application Ser. Trailers for the transport of landscaping equipment, motor vehicles, cars, qu, appliances, or motorcycles or other heavy cargo typically embody a rear trailer door that opens by unfolding at a bottom hinge wherein the door opens such that the top of the door unfolds and meets the ground creating the base of a ramp to facilitate loading cargo into the trailer.

In a landscaping use, small tractors and backhoes can be driven up the ramp and into the trailer. Motorcycle and other quad or recreational vehicles are similarly loaded for transport. In other instances, a person will simply walk carrying cargo up the ramp and into the trailer.

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In each of these instances, it is imperative that the door, when functioning as a ramp as described, is sturdy and capable of supporting the heavy weight that is loaded across it. When closed and functioning as a door, the door must also be sturdy and resistant to any of the interior cargo becoming dislodged during transport and smashing through the door.

Attempts have been made to reduce or eliminate this negative drawback. For example, in U. At least two sidewalls, including a first sidewall and a second sidewall, the first sidewall connected to the first edge of the floor, the second sidewall connected to the second edge of the floor.

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At least one hinge is connected along the third edge of the floor, the at least one hinge being rotatable about an axis. A composite door is connected to the at least one hinge, the door having a closed position and the hinge having a plurality of torsion springs rotatable about the axis, the plurality of torsion springs biasing the composite door toward the closed position.

In another example, U. In another example, in U. See for example U. Other examples address configurations of cargo vehicle closure involving complicated pulleys, tension mechanisms, or hydraulics and may or may not include ramp devices. The prior art and the industry has for a long time attempted to find a solution for a solid, Enclosed trailer ramp door assist and fully supportive rear trailer door that can double as a loading ramp for even the heaviest equipment and be simple to open and close and overcome the obtrusive by eliminating the obstruction that is caused by support cables or springs that block the side entry when in an open position.

While pre-existing methods of counter-weighting a ramp door include using tension springs or torsion bars at the hinge area, leaf springs, air bags, and electro-magnetic force through a series of gears, the desire is to do away with the tension members that, in the present form, pass through the frame opening that surrounds the ramp, thereby removing the obstruction of the ramp frame opening essentially rendering it wider. Methods contemplated herein may use one or more lift assist tension members.

The tension members may consist of a steel cable, a chain, fabric webbing, rope or other suitable material. The tension member can be under tension be many known methods including but not limited to, a tension spring, a compression spring, gas spring, torsion spring, electromagnetic force, or simple counter-weight. The focus described herein is not on the type of tension, but rather on how and where connections are made.

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This disclosure capitalizes on the physics of locations of salient components and connections and the actual mechanism of those connections to capitalize on effective lever locations to increase leverage while minimizing obstruction. This has several advantages over the prior art.

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In fact, even heavier than normal doors can be accommodated. None of the disclosed prior art references or other known prior art, alone or in combination, teach the salient and proprietary features of the present disclosure as just described. The three related views here depict the door in various positions of opening and closing.

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In an alternate embodiment, not shownthe pull point on the wing tab 3could also contain a pulley. In this embodiment, the pull cable is effectively doubled effectively halving the amount of tension required in the tension spring. Any cable in this version will have to be fitted into the inside of the rear opening.

In some embodiments, the seal is a rubber bulb, in others it is a foam rubber, and can be implemented on the inner ramp or the outer door flange. This could be effected by placing a housing on the wing tab and creating a recess within the rear frame opening to accept the housing when closed. Changing this location changes the required tension spring force as the pull cable tension requirements change, but also increases and decreases the opening footprint obstructions, respectively. For clarity of disclosure, and not by way of limitation, the detailed description of the invention is divided into the following subsections that describe or illustrate certain features, embodiments or applications of the present invention.

In one embodiment, the wings or partial flanges can be hinged with a spring mechanism to unfold them into the proper orientation when in use. In one embodiment, referring to FIG. In one embodiment, existing tension means are re-located to exist completely outside the framework of the rear trailer opening.

In an alternate embodiment, existing tension means are re-located to exist completely outside of the opening created by the framework of the rear trailer opening, as illustrated in FIG. In one embodiment, the pull point that exists on the rear frame of the trailer is slideable, such that during the assist of lifting or opening, the pull point is at a relatively higher point on the height of the rear frame of the trailer, and when in the desired closed or open position, it is slideable to a relatively lower point along the height of the rear frame of the trailer effectively reducing its side obstruction footprint.

In an alternate embodiment, the attachment point of the pull cable 11 to its attachment point at its first end on the wing tab 3there could exist a pulley facilitating using a lighter pull with Enclosed trailer ramp door assist longer throw extension on Enclosed trailer ramp door assist tension spring or other counterbalance device utilized. Each of the mechanisms described herein, for example, a pull cable 11or a counterbalance device as a tension spring, any known mechanism already in use for these components could be utilized in conjunction with the wing tabs and relocation of the pull point attachment and moving the pull cables outside of where they would normally exist.

As illustrated in the various figures, the other components of a typical rear trailer opening and framework, still possess room for all of the other normal and desired components, such as lighting and securing latches. In a preferred embodiment, the teachings herein are best utilized with a typical trailer wherein there is present a downward opening door that when open serves as a ramp. Typically, this was accomplished with a pull cable attached to a spring mechanism creating a tension located inside the trailer or in the framework roof similarly to a garage door.

This configuration in an obstructed trailer opening. Implementing the teachings herein, the attachment point of the pull cable at its first end is moved both outward and downward, reducing its footprint as an obstruction in the trailer opening. Then, the counterbalance mechanism is re-located inside the framework of the rear trailer opening and a specialized opening within the lower portion of the framework and a pulley are implemented to route the pull cable effectively from its attachment point at its first end on the wing tabs, to its attachment point on its second end to the counterbalance mechanism.

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Rubber flaps or other known mechanisms can be utilized at the opening to reduce the entrance of contaminants from the elements into the interior of the framework of the rear trailer opening. Publications cited throughout this document are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety.

Although the various aspects of the invention have been illustrated above by reference to examples and preferred embodiments, it will be appreciated that the scope of the invention is defined not by the foregoing description but by the following claims properly construed under principles of patent law.

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Each and every feature described herein, and each and every combination of two or more of such features, is included within the scope of the present invention provided that the features included in such a combination are not mutually exclusive. All rights reserved. up. Search Expert Search Quick Search. Click for automatic bibliography generation. Download PDF What is claimed is: 1.

Examples The present invention is further illustrated, but not limited by, the following examples.

Enclosed trailer ramp door assist

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