For the love of man

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Who could claim that masculinity cannot be problematic? Men are undeniably responsible for most of the rape and murder in the world, and suicide claims a disproportionate of male lives. She scorns egoistic promiscuity, and she identifies loneliness as one of the great scourges of our time, even if, regrettably, she reduces it to male reticence and ignores family breakdown and the decline in social capital.

Readers will be shocked to discover that despite working for VoxPlank habitually makes sweeping, unsourced, bogus claims.

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Falsehoods litter the s of her book like dead leaves masquerading as harvest fruits. The D. A Center for Inquiry analysis of data on mass shooters confirms that whites are, in fact, not even disproportionately represented among such criminals.

Do minority killers receive greater attention? This year the African-American Samuel Little was alleged to be the most prolific serial killer in American history. Have you heard more about him than Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer?

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And, as Plank must surely know, George Zimmerman is not white. Plank makes use of studies in her book, but she does so selectively. When research might weaken her argument, references disappear. She writes:. However, researchers from the University of Torino, Turin, have argued that:. Plank never grapples with the essential incoherence of the concept at the centre of For the Love of Men. What is toxic masculinity?

It is, the baffled reader is finally left to conclude, anything associated with male behaviour that Plank dislikes. Male violence? Toxic masculinity. Male stoicism? Men trying to look for rational solutions to relationship problems? You had better believe that that is toxic masculinity. And in such small portions! Much of what Plank writes carries the familiar but irritating feminist assumption that male behavioural traits are unnatural and unhealthy while female behavioural traits are natural and good.

On relationships, she writes:. I get it. But is it not also true that women are inclined towards greater indulgence in unhealthy depressive ruminationand that the greater male tendencies towards rational coping can be effective in some circumstances? A study of police officers, for example, found that a higher degree of rational coping was associated with greater psychological resilience. One might, reading the book, forget that women have higher rates of mood and anxiety disorders than men.

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Plank is confident that gender differences are learned and not inherited. Some of her arguments in this vein are curious. She seems to think the male tendency towards sexual abuse is enabled by films such as Snow WhiteCinderella and Beauty and the Beast. Who knew young boys were such big fans of Disney animations?

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We say we are in charge of our brain. Plank effectively skewers simplistic arguments about the role of testosterone in male behaviour, for example. This kind of cherry-picking allows her to select the most wizened fruit in the determinist orchard and claim that there are no fat, ripe cherries elsewhere. Still, one might say, if destructive and self-destructive traits are to some extent innate to men is that not worse than if they were internalised?

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Perhaps it can be so. Is male stoicism a problem in itself or a problem in excess? I am sure that men, and the world in general, would be better off if we could foster more intimate male friendships and more honest interaction between men and doctors but some idealised vision of male sensitivity might shatter when confronted with the stresses of the world.

Is male aggression merely malign or are there healthy channels through which it can be expressed? Plank looks askance at men roughhousing with their sons as if that tends to lead to bar fights and school shootings rather than junior judo competitions. Is male competitiveness just a source of conflict or is it also a source of innovation and entrepreneurship? I am inclined to believe that the latter is the case. But I suppose that might simply be an indication of my toxic stubbornness. I took umbrage, and noted my annoyance—though I knew what she meant.

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For the love of man

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