German hand guns

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German Police German hand guns. On top, the P5, left, P7 and, bottom, P6 commercial model. At the end of World War 2, Germany was divided into two separate countries. The US and her allies occupied the Western two thirds of the country, which became the Federal Republic of Germany, commonly referred to as West Germany.

Inthe new Republic of Germany needed guns for their police forces and went about setting a standard for these guns to be acceptable for service. As such, each of the guns that passed the testing was classified with a P -deation. Because of these standards these pistols, stretching from the Walther P-1 to the HK P, have shared a of common attributes…. Over the past few decades, thousands of these guns have been imported into the US. As such, they are a common sight on the aftermarket. This was an upgrade from the police-standard.

All of these guns are double-action, leaving behind legacy des such as the Browning Hi-Power. German cops, like most in the US, have long had the responsibility of being directly issued their guns and as such are expected to carry them while off duty. With the possibility of World War 3 only a few seconds away, it was considered useful to issue combat-capable pistols.

Taking their World War 2 model P, Fritz Walther gave it an alloy rather than steel frame to speed production and lighten the load of the classic German 9 milly. Manurhin in France made this gun for a while under contract since the old Walther factory had been in what was then Eastern Germany and the Soviets were the new leaseholders. These guns are dead ringers for WWII Ps and many parts interchange, especially the single-stack 8-shot magazine. Swiss Army Pistole 49, at one time the finest 9mm single stack on the Continent. Germany sits on top of Switzerland geographically.

This neighboring country had perhaps the best 9mm of the s, the SIG made P, as their standard Army pistol. This sleek classic had all the styling of an art deco V12 powered sports car of the same era coupled with the precision of a fine Swiss watch. SIG P Check out the black plastic grips and very European lanyard ring. They had an 8. As such these guns fetch a couple grand when encountered.

Note the lack of a lanyard ring on the German hand guns.

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This meant that his purchasing agents walked the earth like Cain in Kung Fu looking for deals on decent firearms of all sorts. One deal they brokered was with the Spanish firm of Astra for nearly 60, of their Model pistols. A blowback de think Hi-Point 9mmit had a stout recoil but its long barrel gave it a good sight radius and it proved reliable enough to be well liked by the German Army during the war. Hey, anything is better than a pointy stick.

After the War, the Spanish still had more than 10, of these guns in storage that could never be delivered to Hitler. In the s, smelling a deal, West Germany negotiated the long delayed delivery of these dusty guns from storage, redubbed the P3 police pistol. They served notably with the West Berlin Police. Inthe writing was on the wall for the German police to start replacing the Walther P1, then largely the standard 9mm pistol on the hips of poliezi across the country, with something more modern.

This gun, adopted as the P4 by the West German police, took the P1 and shortened the barrel by a half inch, then converted the safety to a simple decocker. Chopping the barrel German hand guns the P4 down even further, in Walther introduced the gun that would be classified as the P-5 by the German police.

Introducing their new P pistol to replace stocks of German hand guns P1s inthe company collaborated with J. This led to the beautiful relationship that became SIG-Sauer while the gun this union created was adopted as the P6. In short, it was cheaper than the P5 and P7, and better than the P3 and P4. This semi-automatic gas-delayed blowback pistol used several innovative features to propel itself into gun legend. The thing is, cops in every country have a budget, even German ones, and the P7, while super neat, was only bought in small s.

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These guns have been out of production in Germany for a few years and commercial models are about all that can be found in the US—still highly priced. It was the cost of these guns that led HK to move to a more economical polymer framed gun, that we know in the states as the USP. Review: A Look at the Diamondback Sidekick Diamondback's new rimfire Sidekick, a 9-shot, single and double-action rimfire revolver with a swing-out, interchangeable cylinder, certainly is interesting. Looking for an essential camp and field knife that has proven itself in the field.

We love the Kershaw Camp 10 after putting it to the test on hunts and more. Browning has a long legacy of making legendary guns. The gas-driven BAR, bolt-action Safari, and lever-action Model 71 are three of our all-time favorites. The Guns. Manurhin made French P1 for the German police O the irony. Note alternate grips. Astra pistol. Walther P4. Walther P5. German Police Sig Sauer P6. Note the unique German hand guns spur. HK P7 M8. HK P7, inside view.

We give you the P8. Look familiar? Latest Reviews. .

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Review: A Look at the Diamondback Sidekick 22 Diamondback's new rimfire Sidekick, a 9-shot, single and double-action rimfire revolver with a swing-out, interchangeable cylinder, certainly is interesting. Your browser does not support the video tag.

German hand guns

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