Girl seeking Newark guy with longish hair

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Book Online. We are back open and running on our regular hours at Carol Cole Salon and Spa! We are all very eager to see each and every one of you and are working very hard to get all our wonderful guests back in the salon. Please be patient as we are navigating our way through all the new regulations during this time as well as taking all precautions to keep us all safe.

Newark, DE Center Point 2. Tues-Thurs pm. Made in the shade. Crayons and coloring books spark creativity.

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Oh what fun to choose the right shade of blue for the folds of a party dress or green for leaves in full bloom! SinceCrayola crayons have introduced or retired over colors! Currently there are crayons on the market not including specialty colors, like Aztec Gold, Cinnamon Satin, or Rusty Red.

Color choices exhilarate, especially with wardrobe pieces or ensembles that flatter our appearance. And, discovering the perfect shade of hair color to complement our skin tone, eyes and hair texture is positively trans-formative! Yet, hair color considerations can be daunting!

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With four basic —blonde, brunette, redhead and gray—the choice of shades for your hair seem endless! Some colors fall into two of the at the same time. These crossovers are bridges from one color group to another. A combination of these melanin types creates the full spectrum of natural hair colors. Over time, the absence of melanin makes hair gray. Hair color charts show a vast array of shades—cool, warm or neutral—within each of the main colors and what the end should look like.

But before committing to a particular shade, consult with our expert hair colorists at Carol Cole Salon and Spa. Maintain the mane: All treated hair must be maintained with care! Always use sulfate-free, color safe shampoo. A Shade of Difference: Tone down your shades with the right shampoo! For blonde hair, purple toning shampoo will help cancel excess gold tones which can translate to brassiness. Blue-toned shampoo is ideal to keep brunette tones rich looking. Yes, the choices are infinite when you consider blending or adding different colors for the right shade!

Make an appointment and our color specialists will determine what compliments you with the right shade or shades that work well together for the perfect ! Happy fall season to you and yours! Building Blocks. As early as the 4th century B. The effects were minimal. During the European Renaissance, circa A. Highlights were achieved by wearing a wide-brimmed hat without a cap think of a donut!

By the early 20th century, hydrogen peroxide entered the picture for temporary, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and permanent highlights. A cap with holes allowed hair strands to be pulled through and bleached making a distinction from the remaining hair. During the Depression and World War II eras, hair treatments, including highlighting, declined due to the economic downturn.

Hair style trends in the s and s revived highlights still using a skull cap with tiny holes to pull through strands.

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But the contrast resulted in typically unnatural that waned in popularity. But warning to red he or brunettes: spray-on lighteners work best with fair or light brown hair. And a further warning, in general: highlights use chemicals which can damage or dry out your locks, especially if over-used or not applied professionally! In recent times, highlights were perfected by using a variety of techniques: foil highlights, hair painting, frosting and chunking.

The strands are covered with a color or lightener before wrapping them in foil to process. Basically, hair painting is literally painting the top and bottom of the strands that creates a soft foil look. Frosting gives a higher contrast of darker hair peppered with bleached strands. Chunking is a bolder version of highlights, larger and thicker, for a standout look. Chunking highlights utilize natural or artificial colors quite different from subtle highlighting.

Highlighting Trends: Forred rules—spicy to rich reds, and fire red! Also popular are blue blacks, and silver, both light and dark.

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For a more subtle look, consider the balayage freehand technique. Many stylists consider it less damaging than foiling and easier to maintain. Another option is blended foiling, or foilage. The product is painted onto hair as in balayage, and the treated sections are covered with foil resulting in a more intense coloring process. Also babylights offer a more delicate finish with tiny sections of hair highlighted.

Discuss any of these looks--subtle, bold, or barely there highlights--with our expert colorists!

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Best Highlight Products: Take note that highlights last from six to eight weeks. Then, your highlights can be transitioned into a balayage look or brightened up. Also, periodic clarifying treatments will remove mineral deposits. Highlights or Lowlights: Whether you choose highlights, lowlights, or a combination, consult with your stylists first and review the many options! If new to the technique, you may want to start with the current trend of face-framing highlights that flatter and draw attention to your visage with brightening effects.

We look forward to seeing you in our salon very soon! Have a happy and healthy remainder of the summer season! The Big Tease. For decades, voluminous, exaggerated hairstyles dominated s of fashion publications, movie screens and even high school yearbooks. Hair resembled a tall hat or beehive in its conical shape and height. The Bubble, another 's hairstyle, also referred to as the Bouffant, gave way to shorter hair closer to the nape of the neck and longer sections at the crown for volume. Some stylists claimed that added hair height made for a slimmer overall appearance.

The Bombshell hairstyle added length to volume and big hair redefined the feminine mystique as worn by movie icons like Raquel Welch, Jane Fonda and Ann Margaret. Permanents, lots of hairspray and teasing achieved big hair, and glam rock dominated the music scene. The bigger the hair the better as it balanced out jackets, dresses and blouses with padded shoulders!

Backcombing, the term preferred by stylist, is the core of most big hairstyles and involves combing small sections of hair from the ends toward the scalp to form a base for volume. The result is a fuller look although temporary. Yet, If overdone, backcombing or teasing can damage hair follicles. With those who prefer volume, backcombing remains a popular option. If starting at the roots, hair stylists recommend a fine-tooth comb and brush-able hold hairspray. First, take a section of hair from the front and pull it aside.

Start combing the second section backwards to create a cluster. Backcombed hair, when brushed, may cause breakage and split ends.

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First, wash your hair with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to de-tangle. Finally, rinse with lukewarm water to protect the cuticle. Feel free to ask us about any specific techniques. Also, we have a wide array of products that will keep your hair healthy and lustrous in between your visits! We invite you to call and make an appointment for a new summer look. Our salon is open with all safety protocols and distancing in place. We care about your health as we implement precautions throughout the phases of reopening in Delaware.

We look forward to seeing you again as part of the Carol Cole Salon and Spa family!! Have a happy, healthy and safe summer season. Beauty Basics. Throughout the world, lives have been disrupted, not to mention the heartbreaking loss of life. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones while, as a world community, our resolve and courage are tested.

We strive to balance our lives and make the best and most prudent decisions for health of mind, body and spirit on a daily basis. On the beauty front, by now you may have missed at least one hair appointment. Your stylish cut is growing out.

Maybe a few strands or large swaths of grey hair are increasingly difficult to hide. But nothing matter more than your safety and health. All else is flexible, and in the case of bad hair days, correctable!! A little light makeup is weirdly … grounding? Start a moisturizing routine for your scalp and hair recommended in our January blog. Keep in touch with us! For any specific questions, at Carolcolesalongandspa yahoo. Check our website or Facebook for any updates.

We look forward to the days when we gather again as the Carol Cole Salon and Spa family!! Meanwhile, let your beauty shine from the inside!

Girl seeking Newark guy with longish hair

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