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Leave feedback ». Create your own drop pancake, master the art of brewing pine needle tea and hone your fire lighting bushcraft skills. Book now ». A mix of mega games, woodland adventure and wild time! Better load up and save our stockings! Collect your elements, build and maintain your village, earn reward pixels and protect your land and villagers. Watch out for the Creeper! Create your very own crown jewels, create secret identities and play the tower of London Heist game! Please complete the following information to enquire about a party. We will be in touch to discuss your party plans in more detail.

All our sessions are run by fully qualified instructors. Amie ed The Outdoors Project Team in early having ly worked with children in Cambodia. When she's not studying International Relations and Development at University in Brighton, you'll find her working for us at The Mac's Farm in Ditchling - usually taking part in a running race with a group of kids! It is exciting to be able to use skills learnt during my time working with children in Cambodia to the Outdoors Project! But also learn and grow alongside the children on a daily basis.

This company Granny wants it Brighton Hove so rewarding in a million ways, and just one day with us will show you why! Becca ed us in and is a firm favourite in her regular afterschool clubs. She is kind, caring and great with. I love the team here and getting outdoors with the kids whatever the weather is always a blast. They come out with the funniest things and always find ways to make me smile! Every day is an adventure and seeing them enjoy playing outdoors, learning new skills and being curious is really rewarding.

She has since come home to Brighton to share all the fun games she learnt at drama school. The clubs are an opportunity to practice simplicity in a comtemporary lifestyle and appreciate the gifts nature offers us, all while gaining confidence and practical skills along the way.

Whether it's through nature art, back to basics bushcraft or reconnecting to the stories from your favourite Roals Dahl book mine's Matildait can get messy and that's what childhood's all about!

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He is a huge outdoors enthusiast and after spending three years working abroad on kids summer camps in America and in the French Alps in Winter he is now fully embracing Brighton life! His hobbies include climbing, skiing, paddle boarding, hiking and mountain biking. Outdoors activities help bring people together, grow friendships, build self-confidence and are where some of the best memories are made! I absolutely love working with children and being able to help bring the spirit of adventure into their daily lives is really rewarding.

I really want to encourage young people to explore and discover through the outdoors, helping them to realise their potential and see the world in a positive and exciting light. Playing games, exploring different outdoors skills and having fun is the ideal recipe send everyone home smiling, including myself! After finishing college Emily went travelling for 2 years working and living in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia. Harmony studied Floristry at Plumpton College which inspired her to make Bouquets out of wild flowers.

Guiding the children through nature and teaching them life skills is a very rewarding experience.

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Harry got involved with The Outdoors Project in March and has since got stuck into all the different activity days The Outdoors Project provide from Easter Holiday clubs to Saplings sessions run by Hayden. Passionate about education, he is seeing first-hand what a positive impact getting children outdoors is having on their health and development. Harry is a recent graduate of Leeds University and since moving to Brighton he is loving the lifestyle that working at The Outdoors Project and living by the sea provides.

The message the company promote and getting children outside and engaging with nature is a simple one but so important. A message which they have been promoting for a while, but as a result of recent lockdowns it seems to be one that everyone is now recognising as super important. The people who work for ODP are warm, open as well as creative.

As soon as I began working, I felt comfortable around them and so the work as well as the working environment is the most positive I've been involved in. Im hugely excited about what the future will entail.

FACT: Hayden has more energy than all your kids put together!! We never cease to be amazed by Hayden's never ending enthusiasm for his job. Hayden has worked with The Outdoors Project sinceinitially ing to assist a couple of After School Club sessions then rapidly promoted to Lead Instructor and now works with us every day of the week. Hayden also runs our weekly Saplings parent and toddler group in St. Hayden will be found at Holiday Clubs and is a firm favourite at Birthday Parties. This recent birthday party feedback sums things up nicely!

Thank you so much for organising the perfect party. Being adventurous is always my one priority yet I also love the outdoors for its great potential for learning and the sense of fun and freedom. The atmosphere is a wonderful mix of very chilled and also very organised. I've been made to feel really welcome.

I love the outdoors and enjoy lots of sea swimming, kayaking, and walking on the downs. I'm always excited to get out and about in nature and enjoy the fingers crossed sunshine and share this enthusiasm with. I'm also very much into doing lots of baking - cream tea, anyone? Joe ed The Outdoors Granny wants it Brighton Hove in early having ly assisted with cricket coaching sessions for various middle and lower schools. He wanted to continue working with children and encourage children of all personalities to play and learn outdoors - from the quiet, shy children, Granny wants it Brighton Hove the more boisterous and energetic ones.

This has allowed me to try and impart some of my knowledge, whilst also enjoying going to work every day. I am particularly interested in engaging with children who are by nature not as outgoing to help them make the most of the outdoor activities. Meet our leader, Joel. Joel founded The Outdoors Project 8 years ago following a career in board sports retail. Joel spent a few years volunteering and retraining in Outdoors Education and the business was started with a bag of balls, some Nerf Guns and lots of enthusiasm and creativity. In fact some of them have come full circle and are now working with the company!!

We need to feel alive daily and out there is where that happens! After living in the States and being involved in all manner of different activities, its great to be able to pass on traditional skills such as Bow Making and Fire Lighting. Getting kids enthused about spending time outdoors whether down the park or at our day camps in Ditchling with its views of the South Downs is what its all about. After sailing around the globe on Super Yachts, and working in the Outdoor Adventure industry in New Zealand, Josie wanted to be part of an outdoors company back home in the UK - who encourage young children to get outside and live adventurously.

As I definitely took being outdoors living on the beautiful Dorset Coast, and not staring at a screen for granted. Technology wasn't as widely used as it is now, so I find it super rewarding to see children off their screens and looking fresh faced, excited and energised being outside! I've really enjoyed working with likeminded colleagues, who feel equally as energised and excited as the kids to be outdoors having fun!

It's such a pleasure to work with positive, kind and quirky people. Lauren moved to Brighton 3 years ago to work at Gatwick as cabin crew. After travelling far and wide to locations such as: Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Kota Kinabalu, Lauren decided she loved Brighton so much she wanted to stay! Lauren has lots of experience working with children - including her work in a nursery and teaching little ones to swim.

I absolutely love working for the Outdoors Project and look forward to returning for every holiday club to get stuck in to even more exciting activities! Liam has been with The Outdoors Project since Easterafter moving to Brighton to study a music degree. After being everywhere from sunny Central Florida to North Devon, he decided that this was the place for him to be. If he's not in the woods, Liam is deep into his other interests as a train enthusiast, both real life and models.

Everyday is different from the one before, and the kids are always up for the new challenges we give them. As well as that, the staff team feels like a big family who will always support you when you need it, both at work and outside of work too. I couldn't ask for a better place to work honestly, being out in nature in my element and seeing the kids having the best time is what makes each day just that bit better.

Louis ed The Outdoors Project Team in early after ly living in America as part of his University studies. Having grown up in beautiful South Wales, then exploring the unique Rocky Mountains in America, Louis decided to move to sunny Brighton Granny wants it Brighton Hove continue living adventurously down on the coast.

Three of the best words I can think of that describe life here at The Outdoors Project! Guiding the kids through fun activities in nature and encouraging them to appreciate the great outdoors is a very rewarding experience. No two days here are the same and I find the variety of fun sessions keep everyone inspired and enthusiastic.

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Spending my childhood exploring the dramatic landscape of the Brecon Beacons, and marauding through the South Wales valleys has given me a keen appreciation of the rural world and is something I like to keep in mind during the activities. Originally from the midlands, Lucy moved down to brighton to study music at university but loved living by the sea so decided to stay down south. Now a SEN teacher, she works with children of all ages and loves the benefits of teaching in beautiful outdoor environments. I love working with likeminded people and learning and teaching new skills is really motivating.

Luke ed our team of instructors having ly attended The Outdoors Project as a club member. He's gone from sitting quietly in front of our instructors to helping manage groups of up to 30 children. Since becoming an instructor for us, we've seen him grow in confidence. Luke is kind, caring and all the little ones love him.

When I first started, I was so captivated and absorbed by the exciting experiences that, from day one I couldn't wait to come back again the next day. The outdoors is an beautiful space to live and breathe in. Maddie ed the outdoors project in April of to work for us inbetween her studies at University. She is currently studying a Primary Education Teaching course at the University of Winchester, about to embark on her second year of study. I have always wanted to work with children, and this job perfectly supports my teaching degree.

I have learnt so much from the ODP in such a small amount of time from both the children and the other members of staff and will definitely be taking some aspects of forest schooling into my future Granny wants it Brighton Hove This is the most fulfilling and rewarding job ever and I am so grateful to work alongside such a brilliant team! Mook is also a circus skills performer and nature enthusiast - A man who juggles many plates! I've been working for the company since Since I've ed I've grown and learned a lot but the wild streak always remains!

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I love working with children and teaching them all about nature, bugs and the minibeasts that inhabit this world!

Granny wants it Brighton Hove

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