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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. In the Rocky Mountain West, Bravo has achieved peak reality television.

Would you like to feel alive?

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Would you care to fill your body with sweet, sweet serotonin, and flood your Twitter drafts with exclamation points? But never before have the Bravo cameras been rolling when the law came calling. Because never before has there been a Housewives franchise like Salt Lake City.

Tucked away in the precise rectangular borders of the Rocky Mountain West and buried under a fresh coat of powder and a pile of Chanel puffer jackets are some of the most chaotic women you will ever rest your eyes upon.

As the reality TV landscape grows more vast with each passing year, people can pick their reality poison in accordance with their own interests: romance, fashion, competition, cooking, pure chaos, the rise and fall of the Instagram ecosystem over on Bachelor in Paradise.

From the moment Jen Shah arrived in Season 1, it seemed as though she had been assembled in a lab to become the most tumultuous Housewife ever documented.

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At times, Jen jeopardized her long term Housewives career by operating at too much of a peak. She stormed out of every group dinner, screamed at every single one of her coworkers, and chucked a glass into the great wild ether of a Top Golf more on that later. In these moments, it felt like watching a show about aliens because the behavior was so outlandish. Underneath the chaos was legitimately moving pathos that only heightened the viewing experience.

For anyone who appreciates strange, surreal, groundbreaking television, RHOSLC is a must-watch, and its second season just premiered on Sunday. It is the appointment viewing of the fall TV season. Not to be outdone in completely outrageous ancestry, Whitney tells us that her great-great-great-great-grandfather, Shadrach Roundy, was the bodyguard to Joseph Smith, a. Of course, Joseph Smith was killed by an angry mob … but maybe Shadrach was off duty that day.

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Sure, she does. From the fact that she has perhaps the most extensive deer collection in all of Housewives history and yet consistently looks like she has coated herself in honey and walked through the clearance section of a Marshalls to the way that she always physically looks on the verge of just collapsing to the ground like Woody from Toy Story when he sees a human, the woman is a lot to take on.

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Because nothing normalizes marrying your step-grandpa like the marriage being stipulated by your grandmother from beyond the grave. Now, I consider myself a Housewives purist; that means no blogs, no Reddit— only episodic canon will touch these eyes. But even ignoring the extracurriculars, you can still take Mary as she says she is: a woman who married her step-grandfather.

Jen Shah has a beautiful house, two lovely sons, a seemingly sweet husband, one-of-a-kind boobs because her plastic surgeon retiredand the personality of a tornado that got stung by a hornet. When Jen hosts a birthday party for Meredith in the Season 1 premiere, we find out that she invited Mary with some trepidation because, apparently, Mary had recently done something to hurt her feelings.

Like, drink water! So what better way to make amends than with an extravagant Met Gala—themed luncheon at high noon on a Tuesday? Mary explains each detail of her own fanciness with glee, but never is she more elated than when she explains what the women are drinking, which journalism dictates I quote to you in full:. Init was a heat wave. Fifty-six hundred people died, and it made the best grapes of all time. But even the magnetic pull of natural disaster wine cannot keep this luncheon on track, and eventually Jen and Mary start arguing over who was meanest to whom between Mary saying Jen smelled like hospital and Jen screaming that Mary fucked her grandpa during a flapper party.

Perhaps the opposite of Jen is Whitney: heart of gold, hair of gold, boobs like golden orbs, and But I love Whitney, I do! She is a rare blend of hard and soft: strong enough to be the rock for her father as he battles addiction, but with a voice like a tea kettle ready to pop; skin so dewy you could apply your mascara in its reflection, a blonde bob so abrupt you could cut your steak with it. Whitney is sure this is Housewives wants real sex Interchange Square good idea. And thus, the aforementioned glass finally meets the atmosphere of the aforementioned Top Golf.

But for every outburst from Jen Shah, there is a kind, overly empathetic and understanding reaction from Heather Gay, a mother of three healing in real time from her divorce and somewhat unintentional separation from the Mormon church. I think everyone fell in love with Heather at a different moment, whether it be wrestling with her faith, fretting over being a good example for her daughters, or snagging the hottest guy at the party and taking him home in two minutes flat.

But for me, it was this:. I mean, has there ever been a more relatable Housewife?

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Lisa is the perfect Housewives antihero because her arrogance is only a threat to herself. Now, openly stating that you prioritize work over your children is a pretty bold move. Is Henry a tiny child with a completely buzzed head? Yes, he is. No, he of course does not. He is. In the back half of Season 1, Mary inexplicably gets trapped in her closet. But still. Between all of the aforementioned chaos, Season 1 of RHOSLC felt a little like capturing lightning in a bottle, and Housewives wants real sex Interchange Square was some concern from fans about a sophomore slump.

But what if I told you something more outrageous was waiting for us in the premiere of Season 2? What if I told you that the lightning escaped the bottle, ran a national telemarketing fraud scheme, and was then chased down by the FBI while the Bravo cameras were rolling? And, hey, if all else fails, we already know from the premiere that Mary Cosby—a woman who has never finished one sentence before starting the next—has started a podcast. Big upsets came for the Rams, Bengals, Cowboys, and Bills. House and Hubbard also discuss the growing importance of fall golf.

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Housewives wants real sex Interchange Square

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