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He was Andy and she was Morgan. Both were fake names. They never actually spoke to each other; all their communication was by e-mail or text message. He used a disposable Trac phone that would be hard to trace; her friend and employer pretended that she was Morgan when setting up their meeting via cyberspace. He found her listing as a masseuse in the Craigslist Erotic Services section last April 13, a Monday. She said she was visiting Boston for three days—she had Houston craigslist t4m room on the 20th floor of the Boston Marriott Copley Place, an upscale Back Bay hotel.

Her replies came back from massagesbymorganboston yahoo. At p. Unfortunately, I will not be free any earlier. Thanks, Andy. Let me know what you prefer. by Maureen Orth. Plus: Matt Pressman interviews Orth about the Craigslist murder. Thank you, Andy. Mary Beth Simons not her real namewho owns the tanning salon where Brisman worked and who acted as her screener and intermediary, took the call and texted Brisman that she had told him to come up on the hour.

A few minutes after 10, all pretense and politesse were dropped. Julissa Brisman was dead. In this new kind of murder, the Internet was front and center at every turn.

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It enabled the crime, and it was the principal tool used to establish the identity of the prime suspect. When Simons, who lives on the West Coast, did not receive her usual text from Brisman aling that the transaction had been completed, she texted her at 11 p. At a. She told the officers that she had helped set up the massage appointment through Craigslist, and that she could provide them with the e-mail name and address of Andy.

In addition, Simons gave the police the password to the Yahoo massage. Then Simons called Mark Rasch, the former head of the computer-crime unit of the U. Department of Justice and a self-described digital detective, who she knew was an expert in computer forensics. Rasch promptly went to work Houston craigslist t4m the police. Brisman, who was five five and weighed pounds, presumably tried to resist.

As a result, the killer bashed her skull in with the butt of a 9-mm. A piece of plastic tie was hanging from one wrist. Only four days before, Boston police had received a report from another out-of-town masseuse, Trisha Leffler. Leffler was staying at the equally upscale Westin Copley Place. She reported that on April 10 she had met with a tall, blond male in his 20s who had answered an ad of hers on Craigslist. She greeted him outside her room, she said, and shortly after they entered he pointed a gun at her, ordered her to lie down on the floor on her stomach, and bound her with the same type of plastic ties found on Brisman.

He did not attempt to violate her sexually. Then he took his gloves off to gag her with duct tape, cut the phone lines, and left with a pair of her panties. He scheduled their 11 p. Once inside her room, she said, the client, who was wearing a baseball cap, pulled a gun, made her lie facedown on the floor, and bound her with the same type of plastic ties used on Brisman and Leffler. He tried to silence her with a ball gag, a device routinely used in sadomasochistic sex, which is stuffed in the mouth and secured with ties at the back of the head, but she kept shaking her head no until he finally gave up.

Just give me the money. At that point her husband happened to knock on the door. According to the couple, when the assailant pointed a gun at him, Keith Melton instinctively started walking backward down the hall until he tripped and fell. The assailant fled down a nearby stairwell. His entrance to the hotel had been caught on surveillance tape while he was texting.

Few Americans, even those from the younger, Internet generation, seem to understand how easily their clicks and text messages can be detected, and how little privacy any of us have anymore. Every search, every posting, every text message or Twitter, leaves a cyber footprint. The content of every e-mail sent by any one of us is kept by the Internet service provider and stored for a period of time, usually six to nine months.

Next they had to find out who was accessing that and from where. Craigslist was able to see what time and date Houston craigslist t4m user of the Live. Surveillance tapes at the Westin Copley revealed a remarkably similar-looking person texting upon leaving that hotel in the time frame of the Leffler holdup. The address came back to an Internet service provider in the Boston area. When the police went to investigate the physical location—8 Highpoint Circle, in Quincy, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston—it turned out to be a large apartment building.

The I. So, while the police had a name and address that got them close, Houston craigslist t4m did not give them the suspect. Anybody within a few hundred feet of the router would be able to access that router and be ased the Internet-protocol address the police were looking for. Then they fell back on tried-and-true detective work and began an old-fashioned stakeout. They were shocked to learn who it was they were looking for.

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Police had seen him exit his apartment building with the attractive young woman, carrying an overnight case. Ordinarily they would have watched him a bit longer, but they were concerned about how far he might be going. Markoff had never been in trouble with the law before.

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He had graduated summa cum laude from the State University of New York at Albany inand on August 14 he and McAllister, who was also planning to attend medical school, were going to be married in a big fairy-tale wedding on the New Jersey Shore near her hometown, Little Silver. Their wedding Web site detailed their four-year romance—their meeting as volunteers at an Albany hospital, his proposal on a beach in Maine. A Springsteen cover band, the B-Street Band, was scheduled to Houston craigslist t4m at the beachside reception. McAllister thought they were being pulled over for speeding.

That day the couple were on their way to Foxwoods, a casino in Connecticut, about a half-hour from where the Rhode Island assault on Cynthia Melton had taken place. His presence had also been documented in the early evening of April 16, the night Melton was attacked. But while Markoff remained mum at police headquarters in Boston, investigators were searching his apartment in Quincy, which yielded a trove of evidence.

At his arraignment, on April 21, Philip Markoff pleaded not guilty. No one in his family was present at his arraignment, which the press duly noted. Within his first 48 hours in jail, Markoff was put on suicide watch and moved to the infirmary as a result of some marks on his neck made by his shoelaces. He was seen by a psychiatrist, who declined to have him sent to a state mental hospital.

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The next day his older brother, Jonathan, and his wife visited Markoff, and the Boston Herald reported an allegedly overheard conversation between the brothers. There is more coming out. Sherrill, New York, where Markoff grew up, is a tiny, picturesque town, 35 miles east of Syracuse. The former site of the Oneida silver factory, now shuttered, Sherrill is the sort of place where Professor Harold Hill might come marching up Main Street at any moment. When Philip was still a toddler, his parents divorced.

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His father, Richard, a dentist, remarried and took his son Jonathan to Syracuse to live with him. Philip remained with his mother, Susan, who subsequently married Gary Carroll, a banker, with whom she had a daughter in The couple split several years ago, and the daughter lives with her father. His stepfather, several residents recalled, used to bring his daughter around to sell Girl Scout cookies or to trick-or-treat on Halloween, and he did most of the grocery shopping.

They were never any bother.

Houston craigslist t4m

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