How can i make my long distance relationship work

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Long-distance relationships can work; many couples who've survived long periods of being long-distance can attest to that. But there is a particular set of issues that you'll need to address, such as making time for each other, staying emotionally close, and maintaining that spark. So we asked experts what habits couples need to make a long-distance relationship work, no matter the miles.

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How much contact do you want to have with your partner each day, and how much do they expect from you? Don't assume you and your partner are on the same about this! Different people will have different expectations around the frequency of texting, phone calls, and communication, so it's good to How can i make my long distance relationship work a direct conversation about what type of communication cadence feels good for both of you. Make sure you're putting regular time on the calendar to check in with each other.

It might seem silly to have to remind yourself to spend time together, but quality time can often get put on the back-burner in long-distance relationships if you're not paying close attention. Even if the two of you text frequently, you still want to schedule dedicated date nights to look forward to. In addition to scheduling when you'll be visiting each other periodically, schedule in weekly quality time together between visits. Just because you're texting or talking every day on the phone doesn't mean you're actually connecting.

As couples counselor Jessa Zimmerman, M. Talk about things like your goals, dreams, obstacles, and challenges. Give your partner the opportunity to support you through your day-to-day life and in the crafting of your future, and similarly be there for them. Sharing your calendars with each other so you know what the other is up to each day or creating a shared calendar for your relationship will help you feel connected and more immediately in each other's lives.

Plus, "it also helps you avoid sending them a naughty text during an inappropriate time. When you do schedule a date, honor it. Every couple, regardless of distance, wants to feel appreciated and respected—and bailing on a date carries a particular sting when you already don't see each other often. It's very important to minimize distractions when you're speaking or video chatting together, explains therapist and relationship expert KenLCSW.

Gray adds, "Everyone wants to feel like they're a priority, and they deserve your full attention. Instead of calling them when you're walking down the street and giving them a prime view of your nostrils, call them when you're indoors with all distractions removed. It can be easy to spend your whole phone call talking about how much you miss each other, so don't forget to fill each other in on all the good things happening in your lives as well. It doesn't matter how easy it comes to someone else, as long as it matters to you!

Everything you'd usually make sure to do in a relationship? Do it extra. Practice extra-good communication and give them extra attention, sweetness, and thoughtfulness. Considering all the distance between you, you should always be going the extra mile, figuratively. Another way to keep the excitement alive is to prioritize surprises, big or small! You could have a gift sent to them, suggests, for example, or perhaps even surprise them with a carefully orchestrated visit. Other ideas that Gray suggests include sending flowers, a sexy photo, an extended appreciation list, or tickets to an event you can attend together in the future which also gives you something to look forward to.

As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder—and who doesn't want to hear that they're valued and missed? Don't be ashamed of your feelings of need and desire to be together.

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Expressing them will bring the two of you so much closer. The longer you're with someone, the less likely you may be to get dressed up for them. But your virtual dinner date is the perfect opportunity to remind them you do still want to put in the extra effort for them.

Having things to look forward to is like a light at the end of the tunnel. As such, Gray recommends making a shared document or chain where you can both add to a list of things you want to do together. Find something you can both engage in, like reading a book together, Neo recommends. This will allow you to always have a meaty topic to discuss and ideas to reflect and bounce around together, other than just catching up on your days. From a flirty message to straight-up sexting, it's always nice to remind each other you still view them in a romantic light.

Every couple's sex life is different, so figuring out what you both like and what works for you while you're apart is important. Keep things interesting by getting creative with your dates. Maybe that's an elegant dinner you both cook and eat together while video chatting, or even go to sleep together via phone or Zoom, suggests.

Spend time in nature in your different time zones, pick up a new hobby or intellectual pursuit together—the options are endless. Here are a few great virtual date ideas. There's always something new to learn about your partner, and continuing to prioritize it can deepen your emotional intimacy. There's always so much to discover! It may be easy to fall into a pattern of not taking care of your appearance or home because your partner isn't around. But Gray says this is actually an excellent time to work on yourself!

In other words, do something with your days so you'll have new things to report to them when you are talking. A survey found that the No. Many couples naturally drift apart due to lack of effort and attention, and long-distance relationships are particularly susceptible.

If you really want your long-distance relationship to succeed, it's important to make sure you're growing as a couple and deepening your connection over time. Where is this going? What can you do to make sure you're moving forward? It can be easy to fall into a routine with your catchup phone calls.

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How was your day, how was their day, I miss you, good night. But the beauty of long-distance relationships is that you can cultivate connection that's solely based on going deeper and deeper with your conversations. When we're not physically together, it can actually be easier to open up, says. You can deepen the romance through your communication, share sexual fantasies, and be more vulnerable. So go in deep. Ask more thoughtful questions than, "How are you?

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Speaking of vulnerability, it's important to remain open to discussing issues. You should be able to openly talk about insecurities you have about the relationship, feelings of jealousy that might come up, and any other tensions between you. This can be difficult if you don't want to put any more strain on an already difficult situation, but it will keep resentment or disconnection from building in the long run.

What do you think? This will, of course, depend on a of factors, but when possible, prioritizing trips and making the extra effort to see each other goes a long way. Ideally, you're assuming that one day your relationship will no longer be long-distance.

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Last updated on December 1, In This Article. Rules for communication. Establish expectations. Schedule in time together. Prioritize connectingnot just talking. Share your calendars.

How can i make my long distance relationship work

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30 Ways to Have a Happy Long-Distance Relationship