How do guys react to breakups

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Is there any evidence as to which gender a breakup is actually harder on? I studied exactly this and came out of it with a few reasons as to why breakups may hurt women more initially but are actually harder on men in the long run. According to this studymale babies are more emotive than female babies. They are not only more likely to cry and show negative emotions but also more likely to express joy.

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This means that, naturally, males are actually more social than females, which is true up until they reach school age, about 5 years old. Niobe Way, a researcher on friendships between boys as they mature, found that up until their early teenage years, young boys develop very deep connections with their friends just like girls! These are fears they carry with them, maybe even subconsciously, into adulthood. So, they just sort of stop these deep friendships and drift into loneliness and sometimes, ensuing depression. Women are far more likely to vocalize their feelings to their social network and have their whole squad come to vent, cry, wallow, and gossip with them.

So, men, maturity does not mean independence, and strength does not mean emotional apathy. Think of strength as the ability to find resilience in not just yourself, but by letting those around you help you to build it. Think of maturity as the ability to disregard unsupportive, judgmental opinions about your feelings, because everything you feel is valid and important.

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Needing friends is not a of weakness, rather, admitting you need them is a of immense strength. Another research study found that women are able to recover more fully from a breakup than men. This might be because their partner was their primary, and possibly only, source of social support, so they feel the need to find social support romantically or sexually to replace that loss of intimacy and closeness.

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While dating or hooking up may help them to feel better in the short termeventually residual feelings resurface and they are still left to deal with unresolved reactions to the breakup. According to a psychologistthe sense of loss and identity conflict that men and women feel is the same.

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Men prefer action, like working out and rebounding, while women prefer connecting-verbally explaining or showing what they feel. So, they take to physiological release rather than emotional release. But the feelings are still there, and will only persist the longer they are shoved away, which is why it may seem like men have a delayed reaction to breakups. When the distractions fade away, the realness of it will come pouring in.

The coping strategies they use simply delay having to face the pain, while the coping strategies women use have them on the mend from square one. To the men reading, hopefully this research shines a light on the need for social support and allowing emotions to be felt rather than pushed aside. It all boils down to the fact that women are more familiar with their feelings and able to work through them more quickly and in a healthier way than men who experience heartbreak.

A good place to start is by seeing a best bud and actually talking about how you are dealing with the breakup.

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How do guys react to breakups your friend what you need advice, a listening ear, affirmationsbecause he may not know how to respond. Setting aside time for daily journaling, like we do on Mend after you listen to a training, will help to make sense of your feelings. Mend on your own terms with expert advice. The only thing more dreadful than a holiday breakup is having to discuss the breakup over the holidays.

And Thanksgiving dinner happens to be prime. Thanksgiving is almost here and although the holidays represent joy and appreciation, this is also a big season for breakups. If we refer back to historical Facebook status data, we are just about to enter the second major peak in breakups of the year. I want to be sad. I want to lumber through my house, brush my teeth, and forget about parking tickets and people. I want to. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website.

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It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. By Olivia Lucero. Young men are socialized out of social support. Social support carries with it an immense of benefits! Needing friends is not a of weakness, rather, admitting you need them is a of immense strength Men use different coping strategies. Overall, we all feel very similarly. Mend Classes. Related Posts.

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How do guys react to breakups

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Here’s the Truth About Men and the Ways They (Typically) Handle Breakups