How to make a girl want you

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I will then tell you the types of traits you should starting showing her immediately if you want to make a girl want you sexually. Let me say that again. The reason is this: Showing her boyfriend traits le to the following deadly mistakes that kill attraction with women. Not only that, but you build up too much comfort with her, and eliminate the sexual tension required to create urgency for sex….

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Because here is an ironic and interesting fact: Most girls wind up dating the guy they thought was ONLY looking for sex…. When you demonstrate boyfriend traits, a girl will label you as the good boyfriend provider type… but it makes it much harder to escalate to sex….

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If that worked, every nice guy nerd would be married to the woman of their dreams before they even finished high school! After spending a lot of time figuring this out, they finally developed a technique to create this transformation, and they called it The Scrambler.

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Menu Menu. The mistake is acting too much like a boyfriend.

How to make a girl want you

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The Psychology of Attraction