How to make love at sixties

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She closed his bedroom door and moved to hers. His volcanic snoring was a real nightly disaster, but that was not the only reason. She felt no desire at all for any physical interactions with him. No touching, no kissing, no hugging — anything that may lead to sex. Why is that? She was in excellent shape, and she heard of hundreds of stories of people having a great sexual life in their sixties.

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Is that because of their thirty-five years of marriage? Has it been too long? She sighed. Is there love in your sixties? It was funny to see many older women attend her yoga class. A love, a real connection, or a feeling of being desired? Her view on love has drastically changed over the last several years. It was not about intimacy anymore, or at least not only about that. It was mostly about emotional connection. She always wondered how some old couples had been able to maintain the warmth and gentleness of their relationships through the years.

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One of those couples lived just next door. Every morning, they would go for a walk. The wife would help her husband tightly tuck his scarf into his coat, and he would help her put her gloves on. Then he would take her hand, and they would walk slowly down the street, talking about something.

Or was she just so happy to hear his voice? However, she could not picture herself being that woman. It was just not bringing her those sparks she saw in the eyes of that eighty-year-old. Why not? What was wrong with her? She recalled the first years of her marriage. There were happy times — a lot of lovemaking, hours and hours spent on the beach. Was it really a joyful time? Probably so, except for some frequent episodes of her husband lashing out at her.

He would start yelling at her out of the blue for no apparent reason. She was shocked the first time it happened. Nobody in her family had ever used that tone of voice. She ran outside, crying. Sitting on the old tree stump in the dark corner of the backyard, she was trying to find the answer to the simple question: Why her? What did she do wrong? But think about this: do you know how difficult it is to find a decent man these days?

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You are a lucky girl, and you should be grateful for it! Each new wave of those scattered thunderstorms of yelling was destroying the woman inside her, cell by cell. As her husband got older, his temper changed, but the damage to their relationship was done. She knew that, and it was unrepairable. However, they continued staying together. Their life looked like a tiny boat lost in the ocean. It stopped for food and fuel at several places but not for a long time. It felt good in the open ocean when they had the freedom of going anywhere they wanted and the weather was nice, but recently, heavy storms started attacking their little vessel — health problems, financial issues, aging matters.

It was easier to fight them together, to have someone who can help withstand the wind of the merciless, inevitable going downhill. She was thankful to her husband for that — for having a shoulder she can lean on, for having someone she can talk about things that matter to both of them, for having a friend whom she could trust, which is what you want at this stage of life.

Not that romantic BS? Maybe she wanted too much?

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Maybe she is not grateful to God for what was given to her? Multicultural, trilingual, published author, deep empath and just a woman hoping to be heard in this strange and defenseless world. in. Is There Love in Your Sixties?

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Anna K Follow. Be Yourself Don't instruct, share. Love Aging Abuse Loneliness Beyourself. Be Yourself Follow. Don't instruct, share. Written by Anna K Follow. More From Medium. How getting cheated on changed me. Organized Chaos. Jacqueline Atulip.

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Johnson in Practical Growth. Aulia Hasnaa.

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He sparks the happiness that was once suppressed inside of me. Host Fatigue. Jeff Veazey. Mila Harper.

How to make love at sixties

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