I kissed dating goodbye read

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In addition to this question, some readers have told me the book harmed them. While attending grad school between I began a process of re-evaluating the book.

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This included inviting people to share their stories with me on my website, personal phone calls with readers, an in-depth study of issues surrounding my book overseen by one of my graduate school professors, and finally, creating a documentary film called I Survived I Kissed Dating Goodbye that captured the conversations with people who were reshaping my thinking. For me, it was important for this process of reevaluation to engage other people and other voices. It was drawn out because I did not want to be superficial in my response, and I made it public because I think my reevaluation needed to be commensurate to the public reach of my book.

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Needless to say, my thinking has changed ificantly in the past twenty years. I no longer agree with its central idea that dating should be avoided. I now think dating can be a healthy part of a person developing relationally and learning the qualities that matter most in a partner.

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In an effort to set a high standard, the book emphasized practices not dating, not kissing before marriage and concepts giving your heart away that are not in the Bible. In trying to warn people of the potential pitfalls of dating, it instilled fear in many readers—fear of making mistakes or having their heart broken. The book also gave some the impression that a certain methodology of relationships would deliver a happy ever-after ending—a great marriage, a great sex life—even though this is not promised by scripture.

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To those who read my book and were misdirected or unhelpfully influenced by it, I am sincerely sorry. I never intended to hurt you.

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And to those of you who benefitted from my book, I am grateful that something I wrote helped you. I cannot recall all the copies of my book that have been published.

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In light of the flaws in I Kissed Dating Goodbye my publisher agreed in to discontinue its publication along with my other books on relationships. In the time since my books were unpublished and the documentary was released, my beliefs have shifted ificantly. My own marriage ended.

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I see how damaging purity culture and its ideas about sex and gender have been to so many—myself included. I wish you all the best on your journey. This is a collection of the papers I wrote for a guided study in grad school while I reevaluated I Kissed Dating Goodbye. While I wrote them while I still identified as an evangelical Christian, and I no longer hold the same beliefs, they capture an interesting part of my process of rethinking and ultimately disavowing the book.

I kissed dating goodbye read

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'I Kissed Dating Goodbye' author: How and why I've rethought dating and purity culture