Imatch quick hitch with rotary cutter hookup

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Search titles only. Today's Posts. New posts. Log in. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Rad Start date May 1, May 1, 1. Rad Bronze Member. I know that you are supposed to have some play in your rotary mower hook-up -- How do you do that with the Quick Hitch? May 1, 2. What do you have for a mower? A couple of pics would help. May 1, 3. RoyJackson Epic Contributor. Rad said:. May 1, 4. Will look May 2, Thread Starter 5. The Attached picture shows the attachment -- I just don't see how the play is achieved!

Sorry for being so ignorant -- I am fairly new to the tractor scene.

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There is just such a huge investment in all of this, I don't want to do it wrong!! May 2, 6. Last edited: May 2, May 2, 7. That pic does show how it "floats".

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But it only shows it in tension mode carrying the rear of the deck. It will fold at the dual pins one is a pivot, the other is a bumper about 8" aft of the top iMatch hook as I recall. A better "fix" is to replace the steel straps that angle to the rear of the deck with chain.

That allows more "float" and more freedom than one pictured. May 2, 8. Rad, Looking at your picture you look to be good to go. This assumes your IMatch hook is around a large bushing and horizontal bolt and nut.

The problem with adding chains to the rear is keeping the front mast in the up position to allow you to hitch up easily. A couple of compression springs to counteract the chain tension would help. May 2, 9. May 2, RoyJackson said:. That's not going to allow for much float, beenthere, especially going down into a dip then driving back up I know a lot of TBNers do replace those straps with chain especially on rotary cutters.

I'm not a big fan of that as it would seem to reduce the rigidity of the mower deck.

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Land Pride has a pretty good solution and I'd be surprised if Deere doesn't have a solution although they didn't when I bought my Deere QH last year. You must log in or register to reply here.

Imatch quick hitch with rotary cutter hookup

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How to hook top link on Finishing Mower with a imatch quick hitch