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From shopping carts, to needles, and a lot of plastic, it's all part of an effort to restore the creek that has been badly damaged by pollution and often used as a dumping ground. Plastic bags, some water bottles as well, little tiny pieces of plastic fragments.

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Some lighters, yah you name it. This summer the Committee is running a free youth program called Empowering Youth for Junction Creek for teens ages Youth are going to get to participate in cross cultural teachings and learnings.

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In the past 20 years, the committee said over 84, kilograms of garbage has been cleaned out of the waterway and it's hopeful one day trash booms will be installed in sections of the creek. Northern Ontario Features.

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Northern Ontario. Efforts to restore Sudbury's Junction Creek continue. On Sunday a small group of volunteers had the dirty job of cleaning litter from the waterway. Dressed in hip waders, Miranda Virtanen was in the middle of the creek pulling out garage.

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Several needles were also found floating in the water. Volunteers out Sunday said it feels good to do something green.

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Were you at this Sudbury bar? Media apologize after declaring wrong winner in 'cruel' Quebec City mayoral race.

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Sudbury optometrist reacts as provincial job action continues. Sudbury cab driver shares his experience with racism.

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Efforts to restore Sudbury's Junction Creek continue