Lahore heera mandi street

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Hira Mandi literally Diamond Market is the tangled maze of backstreets and alleys that form the red light district in the Pakistani City of Lahore.

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It is as famous in South Asia as the Amsterdam red light district is throughout the West. Hira Mandi is home to the Hijra community of transgender and homosexual dancers and sex-workers.

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They perform in dancing groups at weddings and other parties, but also in the streets and in private houses. In fact, this has forced many into the illegal and semi-legal sex industry.

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Mainstream Pakistan is ambiguous towards homosexuality. It is embedded in local culture but seen as just a temporary phase. Hira Mandi provides some kind of refuge to homosexual men and allows young boys and adult men to experiment with sexual relations.

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While most end up in a heterosexual marriage; some maintain secret homosexual relations with the dancing boys or Hijras. This website only uses anonymized analytic cookies to improve your experience. Find out more.

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Hira Mandi. Selected Projects. Tree and Soil.

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Poppy: Trails of Afghan Heroin. Poppy Interactive.

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Lahore heera mandi street

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Lahore Nightlife – Heera Mandi (Red Light Area)