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Where Lyrics say you will days are always long and bright. Still we got a long way till we make it home. And if you're looking for some peace, man. Well let me tell you about the ways of the world. You'll never make it, like it's just a daydream. And if you're still afraid of what you'll find…. Don't shut your eyes so tight, you can't see. Some people they live their whole lives in a compound. And then they came out of it like it was so easy. They turned from a flower into a strong tree yeah. I will always love you, I keep you in my heart. I will always be there to lead you through the dark yeah.

We will always walk together hand in hand. Lead you through the forest and the desert in the sand. We're among the greatest things that grow upon this land. I'll be here to teach you and to help you understand, so. Pick ourselves up off the ground and learn how to rise. Stay here for awhile while I clear my mind. Everyone's sleepin, ain't got nothin to believe in. They can't see the changing of the seasons. Seems we're always dealing with some heathen. Gotta raise em up, toast to the sweet life.

To kick back, relax and soak up the sweet sights.

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Orange sky over desert and the land so dry. It's like the heavens abandoned the sands of time. Long ago in its stead was a forest of green. And then an ocean so blue, so deep it would seem. And if I had the power to rewind these years. I'd watch the story unfold through a river of tears.

I know the tectonic plates shift under me. But they won't split apart in my lifetime. Sacred are the bones of the primitive man. Palms pressed together as they sit in the sand. You get out of bed and wonder how much money can you rake up. Yeah I love how you let your light shine through. Calling out my people gotta pick up the receiver. We ask the government and no they won't Lyrics say you will neither. So we turn a naysayer to a positive believer. Meditate on the melody, lyric, and the one drop.

But we made a quick escape and now we make it last forever. Switch up the melody, sound up the siren. They say eventually we're burnin' ash in the fire. They break us down but the music make us high. There's a lesson in the message, when revealed it gets quiet. Yeah there's something in the air tonight.

I just saw the most beautiful sight I've ever seen. Her grandfather was singing to his wife as she waited for her angels wings. They had spent their whole lives together. Not even death can make our hearts run astray. Cause life is a circle and we walk it with love. Because it fills us with the beauty of life. I just heard the most beautiful sound I'll ever hear. A voice gentle and timeless Lyrics say you will the song that he whispered in her ear.

But I saw freedom through the tears in my eyes. You put aside all the noise and the chatter. Cause in the end you know the only thing that matters is. I just felt the most beautiful feeling I could ever feel. You can give the world a beautiful healing if your love is real.

And when I heard him sing I knew that it was true. It's life. It's a circle and we walk it with love. But the truth is funnier than that. There's no difference at all. And when you find that out, you laugh yourself silly. That's the great discovery. Nothing could be brighter. Ten thousand suns couldn't be brighter.

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Go and build your ego, we go leave you heroes in the rubble. Lyrics say you will then we visualize our future in the mirrors of the Hubble. Chomping at the bit but biting every word they say. Put it on repeat, defeated when they speak in the street. To be ready for the winter, gotta beat the heat. Steering across the city creating a verbal vehicle. Striving and fighting our way to the top of the mountain. Great spirit listens if you give in and beckon right. Use your third eye and reply with second sight. Maybe momma and daddy should have made them mind.

But they never give thanks for their bread that day. What if we could all take a second just to stop and smell the roses. And their mouths are full but I hear them say. Can you feel the baseline thumping is it tough enough.

I don't have much time to sit and relax while we all unwind. The next day come and they still the same. Can you hear my voice cutting through the crowd enough. To break the silence and turn it into love. Is there any hope, can we wake up proud enough. To live a life of purpose, I know that we can love enough. The people scream but we're getting nowhere.

We're aiding, abetting the politicians' system. We're letting them get away with the steady manipulation of policy. While we party confetti falls on the unheard innocent. The sick, and the sweating, but the profits we're netting. Convinces all that we're ready to just turn it down, shut it off. The sun is rising on an east coast morning and I'm drivin. To see the waves hit the sand on the shore, so I can dive in. Road so hot, I can see the heat rising, man I'm sweatin.

Don't ya know I gotta get in the lovin ocean. The sun is setting on a west coast evening and I'm drivin. Life so rough, I've been stressin everyday. But sometimes we all let the winds of change move us so freely. How can I let another no one sow the seed. And expect Gaia to just leave me alone and allow me to be me. Beneath the palms with my feet in the sand you can find me dreaming. Change the opposition, it shall come to pass. A break in the glass, a break in the glass. For the present moment is infinitely small; before we can measure it, it has gone, and yet it exists forever…You may believe yourself out of harmony with life and its eternal Now; but you cannot be, for you are life and exist Now.

Songs in my head just to drive away the demons. Sometimes all I hear is that clock ticking. I close my Lyrics say you will and I find myself slipping back. I think about all the good times and laughs that I shared yesterday. I remember what it was like to not know peace. And I remember what it was like to not know love. They had another life, had another mission.

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