Male dating scammers

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Men are more than twice as likely to end up the victims of online romance scams than women, new research has found. Romance fraudthe act of approaching unsuspecting people looking for love on dating websites or apps with the aim of tricking them out of either money or enough personal information to steal their identity, has risen ificantly while the UK has been in lockdown.

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More than one in 10 11 per cent of men have fallen victim to romance scams online, compared to five per cent of women, according to research from security firm Tessian. An additional 24 per cent had been targeted overwhile one in five had been scammed via dating apps. Another 14 per cent had been taken advantage of through text messages or over WhatsApp.

More time spent online during the pandemic resulted in a 20 per cent rise in bank transfer fraud linked to romance scams during compared to the year, according to UK Finance, the trade association for the banking sector. More than 2. Criminals often spend time cultivating relationships with their victims for weeks or months, preying on vulnerable people and convincing them to transfer money, sending gift cards, vouchers or presents or providing them with access to their bank or cards.

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Online dating fraud is so cruel because it exploits our desire to love. The majority of people successfully targeted by fraudsters were aged between 40 and years old, followed by 29 per cent of those aged between 20 and 39 and 23 per cent aged years old.

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An additional 8 per cent of reports were filed by people whose gender was unknown. Around 63 per cent of victims reported to Action Fraud are female and lose twice as much on average as men. Log In. Log In Register now My.

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Male dating scammers

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Men more than twice as likely to fall for romance scams than women, new study reveals