Meet people around you

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Always meet friends of the same gender and in groups of 3. No room for awkward silences or unwanted advances.

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We respect your privacy. Your profile is never public. Only those you have already matched with can see you.

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Our algorithm considers over factors when deciding who to connect. It also uses machine learning to improve over time. Complete different levels by answering short quizzes about yourself. You can also learn about your We3 personality type to understand your main strengths and potential vulnerabilities.

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Tribes are group chats of three people that were formed because they have a whole lot in common. You can see your shared traits, mutual interests, and common goals. Find out what are the activities you all enjoy doing or discover the new things you all want to try. Chat as if you were already close friends. Make sure to make plans to meet up. We3 was built to make friends in real life, not on your screen.

Your algorithm really works! My job schedule was limiting my social circle to just office friends. We3 did it for me. We met over coffee first and had an instant liking for each other. Name :. Mobile :. Meet amazing new friends. Get Started.

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Not for Dating. Learn more. Private Profiles. Smart Matching. Meet shockingly compatible people in your area. We3 enables you to meet friends near you that fit your lifestyle, have lots of common interests and share your beliefs and values.

Quiz Yourself. Swipe through cards about your personality, values, lifestyle, interests and more.

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Tell Me More. We Form Your Tribes. Connect with the most compatible people around you. How Tribes Are Formed. See Why You Matched. Check out your shared traits, interests and goals. Meet Up. Start chatting and make a plan to hang out.

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Get th App. Next. Two is a date. Three is a party. Get started with We3. Community Blog Press F. Q Partnerships Personality Types. Legal Privacy Policy Terms of use.

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Name : Mobile :.

Meet people around you

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