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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and. Spiritual Singles has a consumer rating of 2. Spiritual Singles ranks th among Dating sites. I have in Spiritual Singles twice, last Summer and came back in January I loved the questions on the profile that allows you to know so much about a person from the start.

I have tried other sites and the information that you get is very superficial, I felt that people say the same thing: they like the beach, music, hikes At spiritual, you find people who make an effort to live more consciously by having a Mindful dating site reviews lifestyle, or a spiritual path or practice meditation Some are living off the grid are gardening their own food.

I am always amazed by reading those profiles, I find them very inspirational. Lat Summer I did encounter a scammer, I was able to reach the owner, theytook the right professional steps and was removed. I like the fact that you can have different searches and save them, you can post videos and the price is moderate. The pool of people is not very large, I am in the East Coast, but the quality is worth it. It's not a site for everyone but more for those who are not mainstream.

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Jill, the owner sometimes sends a message, advise or an invitation for an activity. I always feel a good energy when I am in this site. With time I believe there will be more members as a society we turn off our tv and devices and look within to live a happier and inspirational life. Allot of profiles, but all inactive for years. They do not delete old profiles to make the site seem bigger. First thing to know is this site is part of the Conscious Dating Network pool. They do explain that up front if you want to read it so its hard to Mindful dating site reviews it against them.

It basically groups a bunch of niche sites together. Even though this may seem contrary to the whole idea of ing up for a niche site, believe me its necessary. There just arent enough people on each individual site in any area to make them work separately. And thats hardly the owners fault.

If anything, I think they were smart to evolve. And the other sites are similar in that they are people Mindful dating site reviews being shallow - lots of vegetarian and earth conscious people in addition to the spiritual and they all tend to have some sort of spiritual belief even if not the main focus. I really like the profile section - there is plenty of room to really elaborate and not be limited by a few hundred characters if you want to put more. There are decent bonus questions as well and the options to change or remove or hide your answers are helpful.

As far as people - you will need to have a bit wider range than a larger site. I have had more profile views than I have had on eHarmony with a similar response rate. But again, a much smaller pool which is both good and bad. But the people you meet are also looking for a stronger connection so the further distance is not necessarily as damning as on other sites. Lots of International - but if you are looking to just chat with a few distant people in the meantime they are typically all open to it.

The main reason I like this network of sites though is the lack of scammers and fake s. I have had zero issue here and its worth the smaller pool in a way to not have it being infested with parasites you need to sort through. They might exist, but I have not come across any myself that I know of. As far as matches and searches - same problems as everywhere.

Inactive s. Outside parameters. No worse, but no better. All in all, if you are in any way focused on spirituality, earth, dietary preference, any sexual preference including poly etc. It doesn't feel like a scam anyway and that alone is refreshing. I have seen "last few days" which applies to someone who just logged off as well; "last month"; "last 3 months"; "last 6 months" and "last year". As with all, the first one is really what you want but still, its nice that they are not afraid to have this and you have a decent idea of how much time you might be wasting by reaching out to someone.

Thank you for your thorough review, much appreciated. We grow every month and our members are amazing! Spiritual Singles is the flagship site of the Conscious Dating Network, which is comprised of several spiritual and green dating sites. The two niches dovetail so nicely, that we decided to put them all in one big database which gives members way more members to meet than if the sites were all individual as you mentioned. Thank you for recognizing the brilliance!

We agree!

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So there is no trying to find Mindful dating site reviews needle in the haystack, we've already done that part for you by providing a quality pool of eligible, conscious singles! And yes, we do keep the site free of scammers as much a possible, so thanks for mentioning that too.

We wish you the BEST! Much love. This site is filled with "spiritual" lazy ppl, they all have a great introduction and energy but when it comes to dating, the are missin in action, they know they would like a partner but it gives me a "leave me alone " vibe I only managed to date one woman, and to my surprise, duh, she had some photoshopped pics looking like 30 y younger. Ive been duped We're sorry that you did not have a wonderful experience on the site. We have almost 21 years experience and thousands of success stories, so it does work for many. We have not heard that our members are "lazy" before.

This is certainly new. In regard to someone posting photos that were not recent, unfortunately that is not something we have control over, however, most members do post recent, accurate photos. We hope you'll give it some more time and meet some our our amazing members. Very few real people on this site! Not in your state often not in your country Waste of Money!

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Stay away! Same pics on all sites of successful couples and Jill is a overly popular name. Good Luck. Bogus review. Yes, the Conscious Dating Network is comprised of multiple sites and all sites share the same database, so therefore our Success Stories are the same on all sites. We are completely upfront about this and it's something we are proud of.

Over the last 20 years we have had thousands of success stories! And, our member are real, we've never bought profiles like most online dating sites do. We care about our members and want the best for each one.

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I dont know what was the concept of spirituality while creating this website. I apologize before criticizing others but its a truth. Some fraud gypsy women are here to cheat others they have stolen some written spiritual material Plagiary from some books and pasted here but its nothing to deal with spirituality. One woman started asking me some money at first meeting online she forced me repeatedly and when I refused for it she became rude and said f This is someone who has not used the site, and is probably a scammer, as writing is so poor, it's difficult to understand what he's saying.

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The women are single, but consider themselves to be spiritual when they are anything but? As a friend has commented, to a rad pole a puddle ism an ocean. Members because they resonate with our marketing which targets "spiritual singles".

Our members are into holistic health, organic food, meditation, yoga and cleaning up the planet environmentally. If you are not finding women who are spiritual enough for you on Spiritual Singles, then you won't find them anywhere. We have amazing, beautiful, incredible members. Your review is a bit confusing. Are you asking a question? Your metaphor doesn't seem to be complete. Maybe you can give Spiritual Singles more time so you can actually meet some of the women. Thank you for your thorough, wonderful review.

We appreciate your honest testimonial of your experience, and we are glad that you are in-joying your time on-site. We do have amazing members! And, yes, we are a niche site, so we have fewer members than the huge, mainstream sites, but, as you said, the quality is high and worth it!

And, we do have hundreds of thousands of members, so we are not that small, either. I ed Spiritual Singles a few months ago and have been having a very good experience. The members are conscious and open minded. I've met several women so far and am now dating someone exclusively, so we'll see if it works--definitely going in the right direction.

As for the site itself, I think it's the best one out there. The pool of members is very focused on spirituality conscious, mindful, metaphysical I didn't have to weed through a bunch of profiles of women Mindful dating site reviews I didn't have anything in common with.

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I was surprised that members can even create and answer their own essay questions.

Mindful dating site reviews

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