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Fort Meade, Maryland CNN Summer's high school friends think she's monitoring their Nsa with an athletic guy and listening in on their conversations. They speculate about the "wild things" she does at work and jokingly accuse her of being a spy. More Videos Just what is the NSA? Top Trump campaign associates subpoenaed by January 6 committee. CNN poll reveals Biden's approval at new low. Analysis: Biden's 'roller coaster' 10 days. Ted Cruz accuses Big Bird of spreading government propaganda.

Keilar challenges Senator Scott on Trump's role in midterms. Hackers have breached organizations in defense and other sensitive sectors, security firm says. Acosta: No more whining, sore losers or lies. Just stop the squeal. Moms who voted for Biden explain why they voted for a Republican in Virginia. Biden's answer to reporter draws laughter. Pelosi speaks out on Build Back Better Act. Capitol police offer breaks down and says he's overcome with guilt.

But her friends might be forgiven because when the year-old wasn't in class at her Maryland high school this past school year, she was at her job in the sprawling National Security Agency complex at Fort Meade in Maryland. There, she works "somewhat in cyber," she responds cryptically when asked what someone in their teens would be asked to do for the NSA, which le the American intelligence community's electronic als intelligence gathering and code-breaking efforts.

Equally cagey on that front are Brianna and Simon, two other high school seniors who interned at the NSA, who said over the past year they worked in language translation and cyber, respectively. Their last names are being withheld for security reasons.

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US intelligence warns China is using student spies to steal secrets. The trio -- who are all 18 and just graduated from high schools in Maryland - are among the more than high schoolers in a work study program at the agency which gives them access and exposure to some of the country's most sensitive information and secret efforts. No small feat to get just ask Jared Kushner and a weighty responsibility for anyone, let alone teenagers from a generation that shares everything.

Balancing school and work was easy for Simon, who as a senior had enough credits to only need to take two morning classes, then he headed to work in the afternoon. He calls getting top secret clearance a "golden key" that opens up all sorts of doors in the future. I think it's a great Nsa with an athletic guy. So, they aim young and try to dazzle the teens with the work, rather than the paycheck. Trump announces new intel chief pick; No.

Her last name is also being withheld for security reasons. There's more emphasis now on student programs than I think there's ever been to try to get them when they're young. Get them hooked young," Courtney says. Silicon Valley 'would be cool' but government work more fulfilling? Responsibility is one of the keys to getting them hooked. For Summer, that meant ing a team rolling out a new product and giving seasoned officials access to test it as with everything related to the actual work, details were few and vague.

The money in Silicon Valley "would be cool," she said.

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And having that as one of my goals since I wasI'm pretty happy," Summer says. The NSA uses the web, social media and job fairs to recruit students. They didn't go to Brianna's high school, instead, her father suggested she check out intelligencecareers. Interviewers are looking for "lots of experience, certain projects, robotics types clubs. The profile of the students the NSA is looking for is constantly evolving, she adds, "depending on what the world's demanding, what the country's demanding as far as defending itself.

Now, Brianna is part of a program that will see her back at Fort Meade every summer during college, pays her a year-round salary and guarantees her a full-time job at the NSA when she has graduated. Now the exciting part is "knowing that I'm helping people and helping keeping people safe, keeping their information safe and doing something that's really necessary. Not a typical summer job. Restaurants, retail and doctors' offices are where the teens' friends found their jobs, they say, making it impossible to swap work stories, if they even tell friends what they do at all. Brianna doesn't because she's afraid of it getting around, while Simon says his friends don't give him too hard a time.

Even parents are left out, which was hard at first for Summer, whose parents pushed her to the work study program after seeing the opportunities it gave their older daughter who was also an NSA intern. State Department foreign service officer res in blistering criticism of Trump. High school students graduate, go off to college, travel and get new ideas in their he. Which is another reason why making the experience as exciting as possible to younger recruits is so Nsa with an athletic guy.

Identifying the right hires isn't the challenge, NSA officials say, it's retaining them. And they see that they can do things here that they can't do anywhere else. Summer, Brianna and Simone are all now college-bound.

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They don't know exactly what they want to do down the line but all want to stay with the Agency in some capacity in the coming years.

Nsa with an athletic guy

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