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For the last show at the Star Plaza they put on a really great show. Too bad the place is being torn down. It will be missed. They put on a great show! Loved the music and entertainment! I took my 72 year old mom and she had a great time! These guys are still incredible! Voices as strong as ever!

Especially enjoyed the part Oak ridge boys boise they sat in the rocking chairs. It felt like we were all just sitting around jamming with them. You can see that they truly believe the words they sing. Overall, we were very pleased with our concert experience. The Oak Ridge Boys are still fantastic and we were thrilled that they are willing to not only admit they are Christians but are proud enough of it to celebrate it with their audience! The only thing I would change was some of the audience. This definitely affected my ability to fully enjoy the concert.

Oak Ridge Boys were fantastic! The same lineup from the 70s are still going strong as ever. Peterbilt Sleigh was so much fun. We feel like we got WAY more than we bargained for! The show was great!!!!!! Fun, energetic, great to hear the old songs and some of the Christmas songs! Loved the kids received santa hats! Enjoyed the concert. The band was a little too loud and was hard to understand the performers and I don't have a hearing problem. I had heard them at the Canyon County fair a few years back they were excellent.

Enjoyed the Christmas section as they sang songs that you don't normally hear.

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Not only did they do the "hits" but the Christmas show was so much fun. This is "comfort food" for the soul. I hope they come back to Boise again next year!!! Can't wait till they are back in Boise. I'm not a fan of The Oak Ridge Boys - don't dislike them, but it's just not my type of music. But some friends treated my wife and me to their Christmas concert inand it was one of the best I've ever been to. Although we weren't able to go again when they were back inI would go again in a heartbeat.

Couldn't have seen a better performance!! Enjoyable to listen to as well as instilling the Christmas spirt with songs to inspire the season. If you heard their songs 40 years ago and liked their music, it's still the quality music. The guys have aged, but haven't we all. Even though - - - they put on a whell of a performance and we would recommend anyone to go to it if you like country music.

Their Christmas music was awesome. If I was to pass away tomorrow it would be high on my list of most enjoyable moments. Go to the show and be ready to enjoy some oldies, some newer stuff, and a LOT of Christmas cheer. It was an excellent concert. They pulled out all the stops and did lots of great Christmas songs plus their hits,Santa Claus,and the Oaks sharing memories of what Christmas means to them.

It was bittersweet however since this was the last concert at Star Plaza. Many wonderful memories of attending so many great concerts there and a great facility including the hotel. The powers that be should reconsider and renovate the theater and add a high end hotel. One of the best shows I have seen, they are amazing and the Star Plaza is one the top of my list of great places for seeing this type of show, It should stay open for many more years.

First before I talk about the show have to say it s sad to see the Star Plaza closing. It has great sight lines and a great sound system. Northwest Indiana will miss having this venue. Now the show it was part Christmas part greatest hits. Yes I know they say it s a Christmas Show, but they could have played more than 6 or 7 hits and a patriotic indulgence.

It could have been so much more since this was the th time they performed here. It was fine but it could have been memorable. Oak ridge boys boise choice of songs and staging. Really liked the falling snow during the Christmas half of the show! Great singing and blended harmonies.

I have never seen then live before. What was I waiting for?! Love them, they were great! We Oak ridge boys boise enjoyed the show, especially the second half.

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The sets were beautiful, and the reminiscing time spent in the rocking chairs was sweet. It was a good mix of favorite oldies and Christmas favorites. The show started out with the band being too loud and drowning out the singers as is often the case, but the mix settled out and was good for the rest of the show. It would have been fun to have some of the older 70s or so shots of the Boys projected on the jumbotrons.

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Every year we go to some type of a Christmas event. We have found that it really helps with getting into the Holiday spirit. This concert was enjoyed by all 8 of us. Thanks for the great show and venue. Thoroughly enjoyed it, what a great evening. Exceeded my expectations. Would recommend it for anyone to see that grew up listening to their music. Went to the show with my Mom and sisters and we had a great time and our seats were amazing!

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They played a great mix of their classics along with some beautiful Christmas music. We all loved the show!! Appreciated the shout outs to our Vets and emergency service people and the great mix of old and new Christmas music! A fun evening out in a chilly December to find some Christmas spirit! Started out slow in first half of performance. More than made up for it in second half with the Christmas songs, background effects and of course Santa Claus!

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The Oak Ridge Boys we're amazing, for their age. They have been together for over 40years. Still going strong. Sang alot of my favorite songs.

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Hi I went to see the OakRidge Boys with four friends. This is the second time we have seen them at "The Island". They were great. Playing old songs and great Christmas songs. Most were knew and wonderful. The place was Packed. They played to every age group and Faith Group. Also remembered our Vets of whom my son is one. Many young people also.

I think Country is very popular and not so Raunchy! The only downfall was getting out of the parking lot! They never disappoint. They not only sing but entertain. Always high energy. I go see them whenever they come near by.

The Tennessee Theater is an amazing venue. This was a really fun show. While their voices may be fading a bit, their spirit and humanity makes up for it times over. My favorite line of the evening was the comment that they sing in harmony and live in harmony. Sure wish the world would learn something from them! Great show especially enjoyed the rocking chair segment where you got to know the guys individually a little bit.

Oak ridge boys boise

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The Oak Ridge Boys Christmas Show