Okay looking girl

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Best answer, because it's more of what I was looking for. Although everyone else did well too.

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Thanks everyone! Who would of thought that something a woman says means exactly what it sounds. Does it mean not ugly, not hot, but somewhere in between? Could it be taken as a compliment? Share Facebook. What does it mean when a girl says a guy is "okay looking"? Add Opinion. It means average - not cute but not ugly neither.

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It's not a compliment. Some girls like me don't call people who we or our friends actually know or have interactions with whether it's a close friend or a friend's friend who we don't really know as "ugly" just because it feels rude. Sometimes I'd say they're "ok looking" or "normal looking" if they're close with me or if their personality is really good, but if they're not close with me and people in general would say they're ugly like a 3 or lower on the scalethen I'd say they're "weird looking".

Is this still revelant? It means she thinks you're not ugly but not her type either. It's either that or she's saying that to be nice. Basically, "decent". I usually say it to mean he's not hot but he's good enough to be considered. DustBallKid Xper 5. It means they are going to Okay looking girl right by you. Unfortunately no one cares about how nice of a guy you are anymore. It seems to be all about what you look like, and how much money you make. I wish it were still the 's when people were interested in others for substance, not all the extras.

Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. What Does it really means when a girl says to a guy I am not looking for a relationship right now? When a guy says a girl is "good looking" what exactly does that mean? When a guy comes quick, does it mean he is more excited than if it takes him a long time? When guy cum fastly does it mean he feels good or he doesn't enjoy so he wanna end it quickly?

Sort Girls First Guys First. It basically means she is not attracted to you. Totally deserves best answer.

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Okay looking girl

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