Puppy sale now

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After people rushed to buy puppies to keep them company during lockdown, pet websites are now filled with dogs for sale, with some trying to get back the money they spent. Sellers have realised that the animals no longer fit into their lifestyles, with many people working from home during lockdown but now having to go back to the office. They wrote: "I've had this for just shy of two weeks, I love him to absolute pieces thinking I would have time to properly look after him.

They wrote: "My beagle pup is now 20 weeks old.

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She is up to date with jabs etc and have paper work to show. She is also microchipped. I bought this pup for myself and now find myself with different hours at work due to Covid.

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The advert re: "He hasn't been snipped. He is such a beautiful big boy, we just don't have the time for him. As reported by The TimesThe Dogs Trust charity has had more than 1, calls in the last three months from people wanting them to rehome dogs under a year old.

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On 27 and 27 December they had calls come through, with 19 puppies aged under nine months old. Adverts largely say that people can no longer afford the pups, don't have time or have had a 'change in circumstances'. An RSPCA spokesperson said: "We were worried that many families who found themselves at home with time on their hands during lockdown would make impulse decisions to take on pets and now, just a few months on, would be seeking to rehome their new dogs after realising how much commitment they are, having run into financial difficulties due to the pandemic, or because they've returned to work and no longer have time for them.

Adam Clowes, operations director for the Dogs Trust said: "All that initial lockdown excitement - 'We are never going to have to go into the office again, let's get a dog!

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Puppy sale now

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