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While waiting for the presents, the relatives, the meals or the fireworks, please enjoy the Stones at PhiladelphiaNo Security Tour, March 15th — the complete gig! Sunday was a holiday, but things must be running well as they are still working together. The band is about to fly to Chile around mid-January to begin rehearsals for the upcoming tour.

Also good news is, that after Mick had visited Cuba earlier this year, a stadium show is still being planned and the band wants to document this with a film, too. On top of all that, the band plans to get together to attend the opening night gala of Exhibitionism in April along these lines at tv3. They should be born by June next year. See the Mirror. They also have a video, where Keith Rolling stones tour tickets 2015 the question which album gave birth to the Rolling Stones. You can read that as a headline at peru. So, the additional date will be March Today the general tickets sale begins.

About 20, tickets are still left for the Estadio Monumental. Before, it took only 50 minutes and the the Golden zone was sold out; the same thing happened with the Occident VIP zone shortly after. As the stadium has a capacity of 60, this indicates that about 40, tickets have already been sold even before the general sale. See rollingstone. He expects the band to cut some new tracks next month and just jam together to touch base for the new album. Also, they will start with rehearsals for the SA.

That will keep us warm during this winter, folks! The fans are amazing. So now we have confirmations about Mexico and Peru in addition to a handful of dates booked in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Several sites speak of confirmed dates and mentions an announcement this Thursday.

Three dates for Argentina, La Plata, are possible in February 7th, 10th. And for Mexico, sopitas. The band had met in London just recently. That would be right after their South American tour. So Mick and Keith could begin work for their first new album in a decade by Christmas.

See telegraph. Your browser does not support the audio element. Keith performed Gimme Shelter and Happy to an enthusiastic audience. Rolling Stone writes, that he burns through Stones classic in honor of Merry Clayton. I love it! If you go there, please try to periscope and share the buzz with us!

Also see the NY Times for some more, that Keith will perform two songs, one of them beeing Gimme Shelter, for example. As buenosairesherald. It will probably last until March If after that they go into the studio to record a new album, it is not too far off to expect them to tour behind the new songs.

See theguardian. Of cause not only for tourist reasons, you bet! See vanguardia. There are 40 individual Rolling Stones lot in this auction with a total of 3, unbelievable — and mostly never-before-seen — original negatives dated between and See below for some samples, thanks backstageauctions. The last 4 of these were actually sent to me exclusively for stonesnews.

Please enjoy:. Yes, after the download, now come the other formats. Release-date will be November The audio was mixed and optimized by Bob Clearmountain. The edition in vinyl and DVD will include four discs. See ultimateclassicrock.

Well, he is fine and well and also made the news just this weekend. See the video below and also dailymail. Mick also posted two pics from backstage on Facebook:. See variety. After all those bitching about Rap and Beatles and stuff, which perfectly serves as a headline booster to promote his new album, Keith gave an interview to IHeartRadio, talking again about Crosseyed Heart, which will be out tomorrow. But now he also stated something more substancial and worthwhile, namely that the band had met in London last week for a meeting to discuss the new tour of South America even a gig in Cuba is possible!

See the dutch article at volkskrant. See wrqk. See dailymail. So here are the shorter articles by NME. And meanwhile, there are 2, 3 things you maybe already know, but nevertheless, here goes. See for example one spanish notice about this at univision. They need to record. I can feel something in my bones saying we have to record. So now we can wait if the Stones are interested in releasing these tracks. IMHO, I doubt it…. It really was a particularly great show, IMHO!

Most of the videos available from that show have really good quality. If I can choose from among several for one song, I usually look for completeness length first and then for quality. Then again, I prefere good sound quality over picture quality. There has been considerable change in the concept of the last tours. No more gigs with one stage, Rolling stones tour tickets 2015 tours with some 12 or 15 shows. The still remaining shows of this tour will follow. So for now, enjoy the Detroit show once again! In case you know of a video here with better quality or duration, send me a note: zebulon[A.

That interview can be read at esquire. The film looks at the sounds and influences of Keith and his genesis as s songwriter, guitarist and performer and the music that inspired him as he creates his first solo album in 23 years. Rolling stones tour tickets 2015 at Deadline. There you go! Hold on, more is coming! Very nice, a must have. End of the year. Very fine indeed! See you again soon!

And they definitely should go into the studio and record new stuff!! Read on: Rolling Stone. But after that: do they in the studio? Are there plans for more gigs this year? If you should hear anything relyable: sent me that info, please! You know — I check those videos in terms of length, sound and picture quality and then I collect them on one.

It takes some time. The others will follow, no doubt! Hope you enjoy! Quote: Much as you would hope, a solo album by Keith Richards in sounds pretty much as it would inor Tonally, the blues still dominates; the music has a familiar, Stonesy feel to it. In fact, all that has changed, in some ways, is the voice. It sounds warmer — cask-aged, if you like…. Well, when Keith was busted in Toronto ina blind girl went to the judges house, personally, and told him this simple story: when she followed the Stones on their last tour, someone told Keith about a blind girl, hitchhiking across the land, following the band from gig to gig no matter what.

Keith silently arranged that her travels further on would take place in one or another of the crew vehicles so that she would get to the next gig safely. Meanwhile, the band has set up camp in Quebec. The Stones raise high expectations but have no problems to live up to those. I thought I would send you this to try and explain to you what the mood and atmosphere was Rolling stones tour tickets 2015 in buffalo on saturday night. Being on lake erie we tend to get very humid warm weather.

Everyone cooking on charcoal grills. Steaks, burgers, hot dogs, italian sausages! Coolers stocked full of cold beer, wines, and sodas! You see, the stadium is in Orchard Park which is a southern suburb of Buffalo and there is nothing but parking lots around it for people to tailgate in. People were excited! I have not heard a negative review from anybody! And what makes me most proud was the news reports that there was 51, people in the show, lots of people outside stadium gates without tickets listening to the music and there were only 3 arrests!

Once again thanks sooo much for the excellent info you help push forth to me and so many other stones fans every day and especially of this tour. Im only 34 and have been enjoying this band since ! Yes i was 6 i know! And take all of your kids with ya! Dalai Lama in Wiesbaden and Frankfurt on celebrations for his 80th birthday. After that tour, the Stones will maybe enter a studio to record another new album, what we all very much hope for!

The late Bobby Keys also added some notes! We just threw out the idea. Ladys and Gentlemen The Rolling Stones!! That was awesome again! You can click the feed-link for some hours from now on and still enjoy the replay! The Rolling Stones logo that went too low… dailymail. His handcuffs bracelet was not broken but ha had to put it back on.

He must have been quite embarrased but seemd to be ok, because he quickly got up again and played the song through to the end. After Miss You he went to the back of the stage and someone seemed to quickly examine his hand. Ronnie and Mick asked if he was allright and he cept on playing the show to the end.

See also below for some pics from the gig, made by Robert Scheer, The Star for indystar. Dahmoune has shown some impressions from backstage catering via periscopewhere everything is set up for the band to show up — just klick on the play button — the feed has ended since quite some time, but for some time more, you can see it anyway! Concert twcnews. The Rolling Stones forget to get N.

Rolling stones tour tickets 2015

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