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Hey Ho, so this is my quick trip report. Backstory is that I haven't been in Thailand for about 4 years, however a few years ago I was living in Manila and slamming as many chicks as I want for free with a little bit of online game which on reflection I enjoyed much more than this recent Thailand trip, mainly because I didn't use a condom as much when I was with regular girls. I actually ordered some non-latex lambskin condoms or something from Amazon but they never arrived on the shipping time due to Christmas so I had to buy Aussie pharmacy condoms SKYN and I really didn't think they were anything special.

Been working hard back in Australia after having literally no money, trying not to visit the brothels there except once every 2 months when I just had to bust a nut. Hadn't been to one for about 3 months before this trip. I arrived on 31st December to Bangkok and I chose a shitty hotel because I figured I would be out all night anyway and heading to Pattaya on the 1st. However the place I chose did a switcheroo and gave me a really shitty room, the kind you wouldn't pay more than baht for in Pattaya so I got pretty pissed and called Agoda.

It was just the principal of the thing, plus the fact that I wasn't expecting this tiny wet bathroom that I couldn't even have a shower without closing the door first. So anyway I flipped out and called Agoda, and they cancelled my booking. Starving, needing a shower and frustrated, I did a quick search on cheap tickets and nothing came up it's NYE after all then on Agoda I found a place called Baghdad Suites right near Nana.

I figured my room looked like a bomb Route 69 pattaya already, with towels covering the rotten floor outside the bathroom so you don't hurt your feet from stray bits of rotting vinyl so it already felt like a war zone, Baghdad might be an upgrade. I headed out and hit the nearest outdoor food place and ordered a Pad Thai Moo and sat there as they forgot my order. After eating that and some dirty canal vegetables, Stir Fried Morning Glory I actually quite like them as they are overpriced in AustraliaI went to Citibank because I am still in cheap Charlie mode and wanted to save the baht withdrawal fee.

Once that was done, I head to the Arab area across the road from Nana. I still can't get Route 69 pattaya seeing full niqab wearing women walking around such a slutty area with ladyboys. Just can't understand the Arab men's mindset of bringing their women to this part of Bangkok. After a SSS shower, shit and a shave I headed out to try to reach Colonze 2, a soapie place where I had an amazing Nuru massage a whole lot of years ago. I jumped in a taxi and showed him the address and he said the road is closed so I said "fuck it" and jumped out and figured Annie's Massage would be a good substitute.

Didn't know much except that I had made a note of the place after reading some recent trip reports, and it was a 5 minute walk as opposed to a 25 minute taxi ride each way. Seeing the big saying that they have been sucking and fucking since did improve the chance I would be satisfied.

I walked in and wasn't all that impressed with the lineup of pompui girls. The only one I liked was a dark, short haired 14 honey who I thought might be a LB for a second due to the hairstyle. When the Mamasan asked if I wanted a recommendation and then suggested 14, I was sold.

However maybe she say where my eyes were pointing and that was just a trick. Let me just say, Honey was amazing, very close to my Nuru massage experience 4 years ago in terms of quality, except without the special Nuru gel. The fact that if she didn't have extremely short hair, she reminded me of my Thai ex-GF except hotter. When she had her clothes on I thought her stomach wasn't good, hiding some damage but once she took it all off - wow, that was a body that I would barfine from a Gogo for 3k or 4K like the crazy prices they charge these days.

At least she is all mine for 90 minutes for only thb. Her breasts were just perfect, I really think they were natural. Route 69 pattaya waist, shapely ass, well aged - about 27 to my This was my first non-Nuru soapie and the place is a little more down class than Colonze 2, so I lied down and she proceeded with the body slides and a bit of tickle which was nice, then we flipped over and that's where the fun began.

BBBJ, touching and feeling allowed, rubbing her pussy all over my cock as a thought flashed before my mind "this is so fucking hot, I don't even care if you slip it in right now bare". After this we jumped in the tub for more fun and games, including her rubbing my cock between her ample bosom, and I was happy to receive some mouthwash which meant kissing was on the menu, which is important to me. When we finally got down to business I think I was a bit overwhelmed as I wasn't rock hard, she was on top and used way too much lube compared to what I would use. I had to have a few minutes and change my frame of mind but eventually I found my power, and boy did I!

She kept trying to go fast in cowgirl so I had to slow it right down. After going slow in cowgirl for a while, I found my power and flipped over to mish and slammed that shit hard. Trying to keep control, I managed to move over to doggy for the finale, watching my cock slide slowly in and out of her pussy lips on every stroke. As I squeezed that well proportioned brown ass while staring at her skinny hips, I let out an almighty groan of relief and broke my dry spell. She was surprised at the amount of cum, I hadn't really saved up but on the other hand I was slumming it in hostels for 2 nights in Australia and Singapore, so had a bit saved up.

I am not taking any supplements besides Magnesium and Zinc, so let's see how I go. Anyway, I just came back to my room to take a leak and heading out now to find a foot massage place so I can have a nap before having a big NYE bouncing around Nana and Cowboy and whatever happens next.

I am happy, relaxed, first time overseas where my bank balance is going up instead of down, so I have a fat wallet and I am ready to use it. So I wrote Route 69 pattaya above quickly when I got back to my hotel. Now I am writing the rest while back home in Australia. Headed out again in the direction of Thermae. So at Thermae I did a loop and then met a guy called Michael who is an ex-pat who is living in Bangkok for a few months.

He usually just walks a loop around Nana and the area so I followed him and he took me to a bar in Nana, down some streets, and then I wanted to go to Soi Cowboy, which is where we were when midnight struck. Lots of foreigners including female backpackers on Cowboy that night. We had a good time shooting the shit, he told me some stories of Route 69 pattaya travels and women in Cambodia and Myanmar and I did the same about Philippines.

Went to bed about 3am and didn't take a girl, however I couldn't sleep due to alcohol so went out and started walking around at 6am. Nothing much around but I did spot a black girl and I really wish I had chatted her up and taken her back, she had big hair, thin with small waist. I just am concerned about sexual health seeming most of these girls are probably coming from countries with high rates of HIV. So I just kept walking around for a while, nothing was open.

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I was hoping to get a girl from Analisa massage before heading for Pattaya but they were opening at noon, instead of 10am. Took a minibus for baht as the line for the government bus was huge and it would have meant waiting in the terminal for nearly an hour. The minibus was not bad, had a nap and then they dropped me off at the top of South Pattaya Rd. Here is a summary of my time from 1st January to 8th January Walked up Soi Bukhao, the market had changed a bit in 4 years.

Had some fried chicken and stuff then showed a photo of pirates to the motorbike guys and took a bike to the strip of Gentleman clubs. First one I went into was full of guys no girls available. Then I went to Club 4 and met Route 69 pattaya, a nice tall girl about 5ft 10".

First time in a GC and I like the setup with the curtains however if it's the same price practically, I said let's go upstairs so we went up and I got a nice BBBJ and we played around. She has a large birthmark around her waist which I thought might be from a motorbike fall. Anyway, she was fun, it was pretty affordable. Motorbike wanted baht to get back to Central so I just decided to go for a walk, which was fine even at night, except for the occasional dog. Walked through the darkside back to civilisation.

Went back to hotel room and passed out at pm. Rolled over at 2am and tried to get up to head to WS and pick up a freelancer but just couldn't move and slept in until 6am. Went on the forum to try to find some early morning action and came across Telephone bar, just one baht bus up the road from me, so I headed over after breakfast around 10am. Saw the old batman nightclub someone took photos inside, towering over the skyline.

Headed inside and there were about 6 girls none of them really my type so I had a drink and Mamasan kept asking me to pick a girl but I was still sweating from outside and needed a few minutes. Being the only guy in there they kept pestering me, I said maybe I was gay? Anyway, I picked No who quickly said Yes by removing her dress and popping her tits out.

We headed into the back where they only had one room with this kind of open shower area, I imagine that if there are more than one client you would all be sucking and fucking together there. She wanted to fuck me but I didn't like her body so just said blowjob only, after reading another TR from a guy who just went around getting BBBJs all trip and no fucking, it didn't sound so bad so I thought I would try it.

She was pretty good but I couldn't cum until I thought about my ex-girlfriend sucking me off so I closed my eyes and thought of her and did Route 69 pattaya deed before heading out into the bright sunlight. I went to get breakfast at Casa Pascal and walked there and saw the quality and was disappointed so went to Horse's head a few doors down instead.

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I had walked through The Avenue Mall and spotted a nice facial place so headed back there and had a facial for baht. Next door to that they had a massage place which I thought was legit so I just picked this old girl from there from amongst the ladies because I wanted a decent thai massage and the older women are better. She asked me what I wanted I said normal thai massage but after talking to her for a while she was growing on me, it became apparent there was more on offer and I wasn't wearing my glasses so I just went with the flow and said let's have an oil massage after this, so we changed rooms and it ended up being a nice teasing session and a handjob.

I asked her to remove her top but she didn't remove her bra, she really would have liked me to invite her to my hotel for a fuck later on but that didn't happen with so many options around. Cost was pretty high, baht for the two hour of massage, then the HJ I said but gave hernot really Route 69 pattaya about a few hundred extra baht that day. Her name was Mai. As it was my last night in Trebel near WS I was determined to go get a freelancer from a club, probably Insomnia. I tried meeting some guys from the Pattaya Route 69 pattaya the Ground LINE group but they were hard to find so I just walked around and checked out upstairs and downstairs and had a bite at the food place attached.

As I had had a nap from pm to 1am I was feeling fine even at 4am, when this girl walk in. It was getting late so I was near the entrance downstairs and decided to grab her. She was a bit drunk. Her name was Emily, she was from Bangkok where she told me she does massage but she was here for 10 days to earn some extra coin. Bought her a Heineken then she wanted some of those awful coloured shots which she paid for, then I paid for some. We danced for a bit then negotiated and she wanted 2k LT, I tried a few times but she was adamant so I really didn't give a fuck about baht so said OK and got her out of there before she got any more drunk, however it was too late.

We walked back to my place but she was wasted. I let her sleep it off until the morning and when she woke up she was disorientated and said "who are you" and "where am I" but then it came back to her. I told her she was talking in her sleep about 1 1 5 and she said I should play the lottery with those s, haha. Anyway, we did have a nice session, very GFE. She was a bit older at 32yo but didn't look bad at all.

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Here is a photo from her line:. Turned out the filter was filthy and never cleaned properly for a long time so I had to complain and someone did clean it while I went out at night. I wouldn't book here again, Trebel was better and cheaper. Here is the Air-Con:. So I was browsing Tinder and came across a cute dirty girl who said she worked at Serbian Beer bar, which I found was across the road from Central festival so I headed over there.

I couldn't see her but I did meet another cute girl there Route 69 pattaya pool. I was not sure if it was the tinder girl as she wasn't as chubby. Turns out it wasn't her, but this other girl was pretty cute, her name is Jai and her family is in Isaan but she is originally from Laos and has a Laos passport which she left at reception when I barfined her twice:. The first time I barfined her I stayed and played pool for a while. She was cute only 20 years old with braces. She was dressed like a cheerleader outfit, it was just a normal dress but if she had pompoms she would have looked like a US cheerleader.

Very GFE, she does a good job and is definitely value for money and puts in the effort. No baby damage, she does have a bit of acne on her lower chin once her makeup comes off in the morning. She has a luck tattoo, then a fish tattoo and then a big heart tattoo tramp stamp, all on her back.

Route 69 pattaya

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Bam is from route 69 bar Soi 6 Pattaya. Talkative and intell