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Singer Album Song Title. Lost Lyrics by Sarah McLachlan. Adia Lyrics. Answer Lyrics. Ben's Song Lyrics.

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By the shadows of the night I go I moved away from the crowded room That sea of shallow faces masked in warm regret They don't know how to feel, they don't know what is lost CHORUS Lost in the darkness of a land Where all the hope that's offered is Memories of being taken by the hand And we are led into the sun But I don't have a hold on what is real Though we can only try What is there to give or to believe I want it all to go away I want to be alone Sympathy's wasted on my hollow shell I feel there's nothing left to fight for No reason for a cause And I can't hear your voice and I can't feel you near CHORUS I wanted a change knowing all I could do was try I was looking for someone.

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