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How would you best describe that thing you're looking for? Voluntary self-regulation from tech giants is superficial and no replacement for actual legislation. We also share the unfortunate news of how Europol's unfettered and problematic data-driven model of policing has been given the green light, which will lead to serious risks of discrimination based on race, socio-economic status or class, and nationality.

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Privacy International PItogether with 5 other human rights groups, has submitted a complaint to the European Ombudsman calling for an investigation into EU surveillance aid to non-EU countries. The disinformation and propaganda campaigns in the European Union EU are inexplicably tied to the political parties that misuse the tools of mass media communications to spread fear and deceit Euractiv, The media exemption currently debated within the scope of the Digital Services Act DSA that would prevent digital intermediaries from interfering with content posted by media outlets is an early Christmas present to the disinformation agents, as Sexy girl in Radcliffe would enable them to continue with their propaganda production, fueled by algorithmic distribution.

Various committees in the European Parliament have tabled such a large of amendments for the Digital Services Act DSA that today, EDRi publishes a guide to support Members of the European Parliament in navigating those that would help create a successful, open, and rights-respecting European digital sphere. In this edition of the EDRi-gram, we share the launch of a collection of four scenarios that describe situations involving cross-border access to personal data and explains the necessary safeguards needed in the e-Evidence Proposal to mitigate these fundamental rights harms.

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Also now's your chance to submit your session proposal for the 10th annual Privacy Camp event, happening on January 25, ! EDRi's member Wikimedia Germany sheds some light on the case.

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The European Parliament's resolution on artificial intelligence in criminal law and its use by the police presents an opportunity for the EU to reconsider its role in the development of such tools, their sale, or use as part of its counter-terrorism and anti-immigration policies abroad. EDRi and 13 civil rights organisations have just launched four scenarios that clearly depict how our future could enfold if the Regulation is approved.

While Apple and the FBI talked about finding still images of sex abuse, the EU was talking last year about videos and text too, and of targeting terrorism once the argument had been won on child protection.

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CCC submitted their own proposal for a digital agenda of the new German government. Digital policy has been severely neglected by past governments. This explains the extended list of topics being tackled in this proposal.

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