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Is this your business? Contact Shell Point Retirement Community for more details on services and rates. What should caregivers and potential residents know about Shell Point Retirement Community? Cost details are provided for free, just fill out your information below to see starting costs for all communities! Shell Point Retirement Community. David Jaqua This is a wonderful assisted living facility. My mother has been a resident at Shell Point in independent living for four years.

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Recently she moved into assisted living at The Springs. The staff could not have been more helpful, caring and compassionate during the transition. The food is good. The activities are abundant.

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The other residents all seem to be interesting people and well adjusted into their lives at Shell point village facility. Shell Point is building additional facilities right next door, including additional living units and an art center. When all done, this will be superb. They hand out meds without doctor prescriptions when they"think" it might help their resident. Twice this has happened and twice we have had hosptial stays and then lengthy stays at a rehabilitation facility. Please do not allow them to care for your relative!!!!!!!!

I am a friend or relative of resident 5 1 1. Caring I was specifically looking for an assisted living facility for my mom, and I was able to visit The Springs at Shell Point. The facility is a converted hotel. The staff was very accommodating. From what I could determine, many of them have been on staff for a very long time, like over 10 years. It seems like a very stable place.

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What I like about it is they have everything pretty much on-site there. They have their own medical center. From a feature standpoint, and what services they have available on-site, it is very good. The facility is very large, and so they have tons of activities. I like the of services that are available on location there, and that seems very positive. I also like that it is accessible for me to get there. I visited this facility 5 4 1. CaringSon My parents chose The Springs because it's a newer facility. They like the location, the building and the anytime dining you don't need to eat at a certain time.

I like this place because it's cleaner and it has an all-inclusive fee; you know upfront what you will pay. The only cost they will incur is if there's any medical need like physical or occupational therapy.

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The staff has longevity. They were very courteous, helpful and friendly. They answered all our questions. There was no pushing or questioning. The room was spacious too, and the people looked happy here. I visited this facility 5 5 1.

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The staff is so sweet and everybody is so kind. They have an art studio, a ceramic studio and a woodwork shop which we can use to do some interesting things. We are very pleased here. There's lots to do there, they have a golf course, it's on the water, and I like that. It's just a nice place with nice people there.

I like it. It's not one building, it's several buildings. It's not new, but they're building new areas there all the time, and it's big. It's very good. I like the facility a lot. It's like living in a resort. The services are quite wonderful, but it's very difficult to find yourself respected here. It has nothing to do with the people who do the cleaning and housekeeping because they're perfectly wonderful folks.

I'm speaking of the administrators at the higher level. There are six restaurants on the premises. The assisted living and the nursing facilities have their own dining rooms, but if you're in independent living, you can choose to buy a meal ticket and use that as money at any of the restaurants you want.

There are plenty of activities. The Academy of Lifelong Learning is wonderful, and they have five classes a week. There's everything from pilates to bike riding to dancing. There's a rehabilitative therapy department right here on-site. The apartment is a little big for me, but it's fine. The staff is absolutely wonderful.

They're just extraordinarily pricy. They're aiming for a very specific clientele, which is kind of too bad, since they are supposed to be a c3. Roberta I highly recommend Shell Point. It's a beautiful community. When I get old, I want my kids to send me there. They have everything. It's a condominium with many things going on.

If you want to get old and be happy, that's the place to be. It's assisted living and independent living. It's expensive, but worth it. Everybody's very friendly. There were a lot of activities for the old people. You can never be bored. The service, the people, the place, and the food were excellent. It's very clean. They're building a new area, so it's getting bigger. She's getting excellent care, and her room is always kept clean. The staff members is very good and very friendly, and she's been there several times.

They have lots of puzzles and things like that, although the residents there are usually too ill to get up and go. I fill out her menu for the week, and they have a very nice variety of food. I really think it's the best in Fort Myers. Janet We saw the old section of Shell Point. It was very nice, but everyone was in their 90s or higher, and we want to be in a community of folks who weren't that age. The tour was fantastic. I would be interested in the newer section. They gave us a ride through the gardens.

There were places to go out and sit in the yard, and they showed us where the river was. They had a waterfront view, which was a big plus. They Shell point village woodworking, crafts, art classes, and the most activities of all the places I've seen. However, the staff was pushy with Shell point village seniors. Lynn Shell Point is near the water which we like as it's on the Caloosahatchee River. It's got an active program that has an hole golf course. The people were very nice. There is a wonderful church program and an extensive library.

They have a variety of food. We are taking a small unit because we prefer to be near the water. HB At Shell Point Retirement Community you had to be responsible for like your own meal, and you had to buy into that community as well.

Then, they had like a restaurant, and I thought the meals were like separate. However, it was a wonderful community with a lot more activities. They had the most activities that I saw. They had golf and tennis. It was by a big lake with boating and fishing and all that.

It was excellently maintained. They had excellent staff over there. For their amenities, they just had everything. They have two golf courses, swimming pools, and all kinds of recreations. They also have all types of buildings that are beautiful. It was a huge place. They also have a bus that can take you for a tour. It was everything you could want, but very expensive. Elizabeth Shell Point Village is absolutely wonderful. We like it there because we can take our boats, our kayaks, and our jet skis.

They have Olympic swimming pools and Shell point village golf course. They have a full range of housing, and there are probably different activities to do everyday including trips. We like the location of it with all different eating places. You get like a credit card, and you go wherever you want to eat.

Shell point village

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