Short haired pyrenees

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1 2 template Next. Pyrenees fur coat lengthPM. I noticed that some pyrs here look like they have short fur coats. Is this due to being shorn, genetics, climate, etc.? Presently, my seven month LGD has a very thick coat that must be four inches in length.

She's strictly an outside dog and sleeps in a straw bale dog house. Tags: None. Comment Post Cancel. Genetics mostly. I've noticed that some LGD lines tend to have shorter coats well, less feathering at leastwhich I guess is probably more practical if they're outside all the time and frequent grooming isn't really an option. I'm looking around, but I can't find it - there's a great picture comparing the coats of show dog lines and working dog lines. Trenary Ducks. I doubt location has anything to do with differences in Pyrs coats. I think it is more a genetic thing.

We live in Florida my female was born here and it does get pretty hot in the summer yet Queenie tends to keep her long coat. She does blow out the soft Short haired pyrenees twice a year but maintains a very long outer coat.

She also has an exceptionally thick ruff around and beneath her neck and has long feathered britches. Some people shave their dogs here in the summer thinking it helps them tolerate the heat better. I'm from the old school of thinking I would never shave my dog. However, I do make sure to brush her regularly especially during the summer months to keep that loose undercoat from building up. I've seen the picture Milu is talking about.

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The show line dog has, if you want, a puffier Short haired pyrenees, and the work line dog has a coat that lies more closely with the body. The puffier coat is more showy in a show ring, but would be more prone to get all sorts of stuff tangled up in it. The work line's dense, more flat laying coat is exactly deed to repel things getting caught in the coat. Here's that picture. Show line on the left, work line on the right. I have heard also from various people that spayed females tend to grow a longer coat than intact females.

Attached Files. And of course the coat changes with age. Here's a pic of Cider at seven months. Pic was taken in March of last year. I don't have a good recent pic of him standing to compare it to but his coat now is not as fluffy.

Outer coat is longer and more course. And right now dirtier.

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Boy, that Cider sure is a good looking boy!! I look at him and want to hug the heck out of him!!

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Bet he wouldn't go for that though! I seem to have one of each. Scout is very fluffy and Gypsy has more outercoat less downy, more silky. Both were pups of Pry pairs who were LGD. There are other characteristics that differ a bit. Scout has a broader face and somewhat 'floppier' dewclaws on the back. Gypsy's face is somewhat 'sharper' and her back dewclaws are very firmly attached to her back legs real toes!

I've always thought of Scout who looks a lot like the dog on the cover of The New Complete Great Pyrenees less as 'show Short haired pyrenees and more as 'Americanized' breeding and Gypsy as closer to the 'original' French. There's a dead ringer for Gypsy in the youtube video re: French Pyrs at Males carry much more coat in addition to their 'lion manes' than females. Scout's coat feels like down, Gypsy's coat feels like ermine. They have a LOT of the same behaviors though -- even down to the way they lay when they are 'on guard'.

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Head up, leaning back on left elbow, right paw folded underneath. I believe that youtube video is from a French kennel called "Le Neouvielle" I noticed that their dogs appear more "lanky" Queenie does have a very long and thick mane around her neck though She has more feathers on her hind quarters too.

The french dogs have longer legs generally than the American show line dogs. French line dogs also tend to have a longer snout. Bijou's breeder imported several french dogs and was contemplating using them in her line. I saw one of them when I visited the kennel. That dog looks really very different than her American show line dogs. Speaking of French stock, here is an article of what to do if you meet a "le patou" while walking in the Pyrenees mountains.

Notice the strong badger coloration. Here is an old Short haired pyrenees picture of a working pyr. The dog has a long coat, as do the pups. Fascinating discussion. Gypsy's coat actually has 'longer' hair even though her coat is 'flatter'. But I think "longer" was less the point than 'fluffy'. Both are delightful to touch who in their right mind would call Pyr coats 'coarse'?

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Hard to describe I just took some some pictures of my LGD. Here she is eating a raw chicken leg, and another wanting to play. Notice the very long hair around the mane when dips her head. All rights reserved. Yes No. OK Cancel.

Short haired pyrenees

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