Singapore matchmaking smarter babies

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Prime Minister Lee told his audience at a recent rally that despite the uproar over the Great Marriage Debate inhis policies are working: He is finding husbands for women university graduates and, he says, assuring Singapore of more and better babies. Every year that passes by is a year lost.

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What concerns the prime minister is not only a declining birth rate in affluent Singapore, but, frankly, the quality of the breeding. It is the biochemistry, how it is transmitted.

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The problem is unusual, and perhaps peculiarly Asian. Government statistics prove the point. In the younger the age groups, the figures were even more lopsided because the of college-educated women has been increasing. Now, women have surpassed men in s on the National University of Singapore campus, so the problem is further aggravated.

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Lee said the government effort is holding back the tide, however. She said participants in her activities have married, a smallbut she is satisfied considering the cultural barriers and the resentment of some women over what they see as government interference in personal matters.

On the Singapore University campus, other pressures come to bear.

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Women students are taking on Western ways. These factors combine to leave a legion of unmarried women at the top of society, as their male contemporaries marry down, and a host of unmarried men at the bottom.

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In an Asian society, the two will never meet, and as the women pursue their careers, still waiting for Mr. Right, the biological clock keeps Prime Minister Lee from achieving the goal of more bright babies. All Sections.

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Singapore matchmaking smarter babies

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