Standard poodles in ga

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Jun 27, I live in Northwest Georgia and am looking for a reputable Standard Poodle breeder who specializes in healthy dogs with good temperaments and working bloodlines, or even a rescue dog under 2 years old that would meet most of those qualities, so I can train it to be my Service Dog.

I grew up around Toy Poodles, which we thought were from reputable breeders but turned out not to be, but we loved them anyway. They also were the only kinds of dogs that I never had an allergic reaction to, even when I groomed them.

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I've also trained a few Service Dogs for other people, so I'm experienced in training required. I would like to find a male dog since in my experience they tend to be less temperamental and stubborn, but I'm not really that picky about the color since the temperament and health is what really matters when looking for a Service Dog candidate. The Poodle rescue groups here in Georgia all seem to be scams, and they never adopt dogs out to anybody.

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So I contacted the Poodle Club of America's Breeder Referral person, and was told that they can't say that any of the breeders are reputable and gave me listings of breeders nowhere near me. I'd prefer to find a dog within driving distance to me since I don't believe in shipping dogs, especially sight unseen.

ed Jun 13, ed Feb 5, I type too slowly to answer but may be able to give you some ideas - PM me and I will give you my phone. ed May 18, I have experience with two in GA and have spoken to almost all of the rest so yes PM me. ed Jan 8, What about Tintlet in NC? She's a member of the forum.

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Beautiful dogs! Sent from Petguide. Thanks for the tips! I should have mentioned that I had found a few ones from researching on my own that I thought were possible contenders. These aren't in any particular order. ed Feb 3, We have a Tintlet pup, and we couldn't be more pleased.

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He's a real sweetie. Gloria shows her dogs, does health testing, and is wonderful to deal with. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. Poodle Forum. A forum community dedicated to all Poodle owners and enthusiasts.

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Standard poodles in ga

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