Stop dating hoes

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Let me start by apologizing for the title. Not trying to cause any problems, but I just need some advice. So I am 19, I moved out last year. I have a decent job and occasional hookups. But I am so tired of hoes. Everyone I talk to guys and girls they all agree with me but no one seems to do anything about it.

I am a guy, I love chick flicksI love making someone feel special and I just want a loyal girl to be there for me at the end of night. But no matter what, it seems that everyone I talk to is a hoe. I literally caught this girl that I was super into on tinder plus texting 2 other dudes while we were going out. I was so madhow hard is it to be loyal and only want one person???

She says that her ex dumped her for having a guy BFF. But in this world I would too. Everyone is a hoe and no one can be trusted. This shit is frustrating. Just saying. This is why reddit is perfect for dating advice.

Only then will you get in her pantaloons! Were y'all together ie in a relationship or just dating? See this is the thing Dating multiple people isn't "being a hoe". It's what is necessary to find the right person. If that's not their intentions then they won't stay around. But if it is then they will. Now please don't expect someone to just drop all the people Stop dating hoes are talking to bc you Express interest in seeing if they are relationship material but set the expectation that once you BOTH agree to be in a COMMITTED relationship than that's what you'll do.

She's out there but you're young. Date, have fun, be safe and don't try and grow up so fast I'm not that old but the old advice is good lol. Stop dating hoes this is literally the best advice. Are you monogamous? The commitment was made. Lol thank you for the awesome welcomeglad to be here.

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Now time to get hurt and played. You said you were Just talking to her? Is that a committed relationship? I mean we were talkinggoing outspending time together. I never do that. So you mean I can go on dates and not be monogamous? Found the internet! Too many hoes out here? I Need Advice.

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Posted by 2 years ago. Sort by: best. Reply Share. I hope so cause this shit is whack. Stop using the word hoe un-ironically, first and foremost. Continue this thread. Sodom and Gomorrah. We saw what happened there. Enlighten me?

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Stop dating hoes

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