Teacher jobs miami florida

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Our music teachers in Miami all hold one or more music degrees. Or, they are currently enrolled at a major university, studying music. We love college students. This is important to stay relevant as a teacher. However, our teachers often perform together as well.

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We are subcontracted for events and performances regularly. As such, our teaching team must be ready to play! Strong communication skills are a must.

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Teachers need to communicate regularly and promptly with their directors within the school. Plus, parents and students often ask questions between lessons. Regardless, we answer and communicate. Additionally, organization skills a are essential. Because you will manage your own schedule, you must organize.

Perhaps, you use your phone calendar. Or, you keep a big planner or files on your laptop. But, keep it tight! At our Miami music school, you have much more control of your schedule. So, you must maintain that control. Our teachers are amazing people.

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We are looking for specific personality traits in applicants too. Our teachers are extroverts who love people. After all, the job is people! We know how to structure lessons. As such, we balance lesson content with silly jokes or embarrassing stories. The relationship between family and teacher is meaningful. So, we build that. Lastly, we value creativity.

Our students are all different. They study different instruments at different skill levels. Additionally, their learning styles are different. And, their ages are different.

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We accommodate this every time. Obviously, that always calls for creativity! No one will be breathing down your back, telling you how to teach. Use the space to let the creative juices flow! Develop your own teaching styles and techniques. Music Teacher Jobs in Miami. Want to the best private music school in Miami?

View our job descriptions at Barrett School of Music below. Then apply to teach at-home music lessons.

Teacher jobs miami florida

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