The slow fade in dating

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Yet dating seems to be the part of her life that sucks her words the most.

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Most people have experienced some form of slow fade throughout their life. Their texts become infrequent. And one day, you stop hearing from them altogether. But no matter the means, the other person is left with a scar once the bandaid is off. Neither ghosting nor the slow fade is a good option to stop seeing someone. Going radio silent has never been viewed as a good option unless that person is a threat to your well-being.

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Sending a text to end things might cause you discomfort for a few minutes, but ignoring someone causes them pain that can last for weeks or months. So you have the option: selfishly ghost or be honest. Meanwhile, a slow fade makes the ghosting process that much longer. Your end goal is the same as ghosting: stop dating someone with no explanation. Any self-respecting person will see through your games of trying to keep someone invested without being invested yourself. If you think things might work out in the future, your best bet is to cut things off cleanly or explain you want something casual.

You both clearly had a connection. At the very least, the person deserves a solid text ending things. What helps us grow the most as people is often what makes us feel the most awkward.

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Everyone gets into the dating scene, unsure if things will work out; rejection is part of the process. in.

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The slow fade in dating

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Why The Slow Fade Is Just As Bad As Ghosting