Tv host sex addiction

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By Jill Serjeant. Steve Eichel, an addiction specialist who works in Delaware.

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Sexual health experts estimate that about percent of Americans have the disorder, including women. According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms range from rampant promiscuity to spending hours looking at pornography and using sex to escape from problems such as depression or stress.

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It is often accompanied by secrecy and shame, and sufferers have difficulties with emotional intimacy. Before marrying actress Tea Leoni inDuchovny was linked with a string of women, and in the mids he was forced to deny reports that he had attended meetings to control his cravings.

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Treatment for sex addiction usually includes psychotherapy, group meetings similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, and sometimes medications like anti-depressants whose common side-effects include a decrease in libido. Relapse is common, especially since most addicts cannot reasonably be expected to give up sex for the rest of their lives in the way that alcoholics seek never to drink again. The disorder first got wide public attention when actor Michael Douglas spent time in rehab in the early s, and it was reported that he was being treated for sexual addiction.

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By Jill Serjeant 4 Min Read.

Tv host sex addiction

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David Duchovny's sex disorder likened to alcoholism