United states of minor outlying islands

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Last modified: by ian macdonald Keywords: united states minor outlying islands Links: FOTW home search disclaimer and copyright write us mirrors image by Joseph McMillan Proportions: There is no official territory or whatever of U. Minor Outlying Islands. In the Fischer Weltalmanachthe islands to which links are provided above are listed as 'sonstige' remaining.

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Jarig Bakker29 January Of these, Baker, Howland, Kingman, and Palmyra are uninhabited. US military, government, and government contractor personnel live on a temporary basis on Johnston, Midway, and Wake. Their citizenship is whatever it was when they arrived--mainly US. There are no indigenous people on any of them to have nationalities of their own.

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Joe McMillan29 January I cannot recognize the difference between the following terms: 1. Miru Takano, 11 November A "territory" in U. During the westward expansion of the United States, the territorial form of government was typically a stepping stone to full statehood and full representation in Congress.

This system provided for a locally elected legislature, but a governor appointed by the US President, and no voting delegates to the US Congress.

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An "unincorporated territory" has not been fully incorporated into the United States, and not all provisions of the US Constitution apply in that territory. An "unorganized territory" has not been granted an organic law or constitution by the U. Typically these are administered by the U. Department of the Interior, which has plenary authority.

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The Department may in turn allow the local people to draft their own constitution. So, they have an organic law, but it did not come from the United States, and they do not have representation in the US government. For a Territory to become a State the people must petition for it, the U. Congress must provide an Enabling Act to allow the people to draw up their own constitution, and that constitution must be approved by the U.

Congress and President.

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Mills, 30 November

United states of minor outlying islands

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U.S. Minor Outlying Islands