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It's never a pleasure to be a buzzkill, especially for something so delightfully silly. But a "starfish" that went viral recently for its so-called rear end does not have an unusually large butt.

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The creature's features bear a mighty resemblance to a butt. The photo inspired a legion of memes and jokes, some of which likened it it to Patrick Star, the "SpongeBob Squarepants" character. When asked if he thought the sea star would gain so much notoriety online, he replied succinctly: "We did not.

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Jaros noted the importance of sea stars in marine ecosystems as a "keystone species," or a species that other species depend on. He added that water pollution and increased water temperatures in the ocean have been causing physical distress to the creatures.

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Great white shark: 'Oh my expletiveGod, bro': Great white shark nears Florida fishers' boat in video. The Twitter user who posted the photo user addressed some backlash in a follow-up tweet, calling her description of the creature a "middle school level joke.

A similar controversy occurred last year when a Monterey Bay Aquarium tweet came under scrutiny for its use of the word "thicc" in describing a sea otter.

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Facebook Twitter. Viral photo appears to show a starfish with a big butt. An expert disagrees. Share your feedback to help improve our site!

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