Where to meet men in your 40s

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I have some news that will both surprise and delight you. The answer is t hey are everywhere! There are about 45 million single men over the age of 35 in the United States. About 8 million are over There are about 7 million single men in Britain and 2 million in Australia. And those are just the ones using online dating! And, remember, especially for those of you in more rural areas where there may be fewer available men, you need only ONE!

They are playing golf, drinking coffee, and walking their dogs. Check this article for more ideas of where to meet men. Now, all you have to do is learn how to recognize and connect with them. Where are the good single men? Do these 5 simple things and you will start seeing and attracting them wherever you go.

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Often when a man speaks, he can become pretty attractive. Just like when a hot man talks he can quickly become unattractive. His sense of humor, his wit, his compassion will make him more attractive, but you will only see that if you give him a chance. Sometimes all it takes is a smile to turn a man or woman who seems like a 6 into an 8 or 9. You know how some men who are 9s and 10s open their mouth and suddenly become a 5? Well, believe me, it can go both ways. This goes for height as well.

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If you lower your height requirement by just two inches your pool of eligible men grows exponentially! With a little practice it will be fun. Start a conversation by asking a simple question. It really is that easy. Men absolutely love a friendly and confident woman. You can get the conversation started. Whatever you do, do NOT just listen and look on adoringly as he goes on and on. Why would he want to see you or talk to you again unless he feels some connection? The only way he can do that is if you share about yourself. Get in a few tidbits about what you enjoy doing, what makes you laugh, or things you care about.

Real men are attracted to real women. If you like him, show him some attention. Compliment him! Men are especially flattered when you show them you admire, respect or trust them. Ask him for his opinion or advice on something. Oh, and laugh at his jokes—but only if they sincerely tickle you.

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Touching is the surest way to make a connection with a man. Below the elbow is the safest place, or you can brush your shoulder or arm against his every now and then. Actions do speak louder than words. How to do that without seeming pushy? Clearly show your interest. It would be nice to do it again! I challenge you to cast your net a little wider than usual.

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Start looking at men who are a few inches shorter, a few pounds heavier and maybe with a little less hair than your ideal. I just want you to practice eye contact and connection, flirting, and opening yourself up to men outside your usual zone. I want to hear how it goes! Leave me your comments below about your experiences this week.

I especially want to hear if you notice their attractiveness changing, either up or down, once you get to know them. Does it seem like there are more eligible men than before? Were you able to listen as well as sharing your nuggets too? Did they ask for your ? Were you able to close the deal? Hi Marie. Good for you for showing up here and doing the exercise. I would never suggest someone compromise on those. They are must-haves; dealbreakers.

Hi Bobbi I communicated with a man online the other day……. We spoke on the phone the same day for a short time. He was at work and had a crisis come up, so our conversation was short. After we spoke for a bit, he said I seemed like a nice person and that he would call me later…….

I learned a few days later that my was coming up scrambled on caller i. A couple of days later I sent him a text saying that it was very nice speaking with him…. I wanted to send something simple that showed my correct and that did not sound needy or like I was chasing him.

Did I handle this in the best way? It has been a couple of days and I have not heard from him yet……We like a lot of the same things and it seems as though he would be a good fit for me………. Thanks for your wisdom…. Hi Barbara.

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I have tried Cupid, Zoosk, match. Of the four people I chose to meet one completely did not look like his profile was much older. One revealed he was much older, shorter and Not the picture he revealed when I was literally seven minutes Where to meet men in your 40s our meeting point after an hour of driving. One had the hands of an octopus and I blocked him. I found the online experience incredibly frustrating and insulting.

One that I did not meet requested that I meet him on a Google chat site and he was considerably younger, but naked and wanted to masturbate together. Where are all the real men who want something real out of life. Hi Kris. I dated for 30 years and have been guiding women as they date for over The percentage of men who are sleazy and perv-y like you describe is very very small.

Bad news for the creeps, right? Also, what you are accepting? Are you missing or ignoring the red flags at the onset? Are you trying to connect with the men who seem kind and grownup and looking for commitment? Or are you veering toward the more exciting-sounding or shiny guys? Lots you can look at and tweak in order to change these crappy.

I teach this and so much more in my From Online to In-Love program. My problem is I can only marry a member of my religion. There are no single men who go to church. There are many men out there who would make a wonderful partner for you.

What is real is LOVE. And it can come in many forms and there is more than one man out there who could make you happy; and you him. Go for it! I agree with Bobbi that we all have a of soulmates. Women, in particular, need to be careful about the whole soul mate thing. Especially in the era of online dating when we have a gender advantage in most towns and can afford to be extremely picky. There is no such thing as a perfect man.

Some may never be cured.

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Wonder if he was sexually abused by his uncle throughout childhood? No d counselor will tell you that a man who has been traumatized like that will EVER completely get over that. He will just get better at dealing with it. I once knew a woman who was going to dump a man she was dating even though he had all these other amazing qualities. He was 18K in debt. He was a California resident, which is a state that is notoriously very unfriendly towards men in divorce cases. She took most of what he had because she got an ace lawyer, even though he earned less than her!

Then he came down with leukemia 2 months after his divorce went final. Talk about a miserable situation. He got cancer free, but not without big time debt. He told her that he would never ask her for money, and if they ever married, he would be more than willing to do a pre-nup that he was responsible for his own debts. Debt consolidation destroys your credit score, and he does not want to BK.

The whole thing caused her to sob at how she almost dumped a man who had debts through no fault of his own. She would just rather be in the kitchen, making dinner with him and cuddling on the sofa afterwards. Be careful with making too much of red flags. Do no pre-judge.

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Dear Author, My comment will sound ridiculous, so I am asking in advance to not be judged. I am a 42 year old athlete with a doctoral degree, financial assets, a size figure, and a cheerful disposition. I have no problem getting dates when I want them because your advice is true — there are plenty of kind hearted single men out there who have nothing to lose by asking their doctor out. Where does one go to find single men who have done the same? Do they exist? No judgement here, girlfriend. But also make sure your expectations are realistic. There are tons of men like you describe!

However, due to my career path and the fact that I live in one of the most expensive cities in the US, I am currently living with my parents. I guess I should just kill myself. I tell women to NOT judge men by where they live on the surface. We all have backstories and taking the time to hear them before deciding can unearth some wonderful people we would otherwise overlook.

Where to meet men in your 40s

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13 Tips for Dating in Your 40s, According to Relationship Experts