White zombie let sleeping corpses lie box set

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This box set is the grand finale for everything White Zombie. Overall I'm very pleased. Granted there isn't much along the road of extras, but White Zombie is a band that makes music and that's what you get Considering the restraints Rob Zombie had while making this, no communication with the rest of the band and little time, I thought it was an exceptional effort. All in all, a great effort from Rob Zombie and an amazing buy for White Zombie fans. I think this has to be taken into context in that Rob has been avoiding this project for a long time.

The reason you didn't get a major booklet or liner notes is because it seems like he just needed to get this thing done so it wasn't constantly hanging out there. That's obvious from some of his latest interviews. Re-recording and getting all the tracks transferred must have been pure hell given how many other projects he had lined up and its sort of like asking the yearbook editor of your high school yearbook to go back and redo your Senior year fifteen years after the fact.

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It was great, it deserves to be remembered but spending a year on it especially after all the hard feelings when the band ended, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I'd just enjoy the DVD and chill out. I ordered this box set off of here and just gotta say WOW. First let me just say that it only took 3 days for me to get this after I ordered it, plus I only paid 38 bucks for it used and it was in MEANT condition. I guess you could say that Im a late bloomer when it comes to Rob zombie. I got into him when his first solo album came out when I was in high school and became an immediate fan.

I knew about White Zombies hits but never really listened to anything else but their hits. I am SO glad that I ordered this box set. You get the whole history of these guys. Some of the people on here giving bad reviews are from what I can tell HARDCORE White Zombie fans that were hoping for some extras in this set, so I can kinda understand why they would be a little mad, but if you are someone that has no White Zombie CD's and you wanna start somewhere, I would recommend this box set.

I really do dig their earlier stuff. It's so raw and has emotion behind it. Also, some people complained about the packaging. I think it looks great. The only complaint I have about this box set is that it didnt come with a booklet about the band with stories in it like most box sets do.

It has a booklet with nothing but pictures of the band from starting out all the way until the end when they made it, which is still cool. Other than that I have no complaints.

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Go buy this box set NOW. You wont be disappointed. I own all the White Zombie CDs individually, but had to buy this box set. The extra songs are great and Zombie's skill at piecing together a audible puzzle for each of his albums does not fail. From the early thrashing, basement rock from the Soul Crusher and Make Them Die Slowly era to the chest thumping bass and head banging rock of La Sexorcisto, the box set is put together well and flows nicely. The fifth disc is worth the entire price of the boxed set containing ly unreleased videos and concert footage.

White Zombie fans know that is not an easy thing to come by. To top it off the artwork in the book is Rob Zombie's own comically ghoulish drawings. Must own box set for true rock fans. Let me start out by saying I am one of the many die hard fans of rob Zombie and white zombie.

I became a fan when Astro creep was released and have made it my personal mission to own it all. I had the two studio albums and they were stolen at one point. I only replaced La sexorsisto. I heard about this project two years ago on Robs web site and started drooling at the chance to own everything. Yes I have read other reviews and there may be a song or two not on here but Rob said it would be everything White zombie and he must not have felt that was their best work.

The DVD is worth it and it was nice to get my stolen album back with the Black Sabbath cover and other soundtrack and rarities.

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For anyone who is a fan of White zombie this is worth the price. For those that maybe fans only because they liked Robs solo career it might not be everything they are looking for. The early stuff sounds nothing like rob now nor in the last two albums of white zombie.

It was great to hear it again on cd instead of copied cassette that I got from a friend of a friend. The booklet could have been more in depth but I liked it just the same. I didn't buy it for the packaging. I bought it for the music and that fact it is everything I have been wanting for a long time. I will stand by this release and recommend it to any White Zombie fan. I can only hope Rob does it for his solo stuff as well because even thought I own every album he has done I would buy them again in box set form.

Rock on and enjoy. Description :. Geist "rlnw13" Charleston SC - September 12, P op R ock B ands. White Zombie. Alongside grimy kindred spirits like Pussy Galore, White Zombie played an intense style of noise rock heavily indebted to both No Wave and hardcore, coated in distortion and feedback. Despite their eventual embrace of cleaner, high-tech production and more conventional metal guitars, White Zombie has been consistently grindhouse-movie fixated throughout. Raw punk like "Shack of Hate" is thematically consistent with later, more polished monster rock like "Soul-Crusher" and the colossal radio hit "More Human Than Human.

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Track Listing : 1. Gentleman Junkie Video. Tales From The Scarecrowman Video. Cat's Eye Resurrection Video. Pig Heaven Video.

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Slaughter The Grey Video. Eighty-Eight Video. Fast Jungle Video. Gun Crazy Video. Kick Video. Memphis Video. True Crime Video. Ratmouth Video. Drowning The Colossus Video. Die, Zombie, Die Video. Truck On Fire Video. Diamond Ass Video. Demonspeed Video. Disaster Blaster Video. Murderworld Video. Acid Flesh Video. Power Hungry Video. God Of Thunder Video. Love Razor Video. Welcome To Planet MF. Thunder Kiss '65 Video. Soul-Crusher Video. Spiderbaby Video. I Am Legend Video. One Big Crunch Video.

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Starface Video. Warp Asylum Video. I Am Hell Video.

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