Why does my ex want revenge

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Have you ever wondered how to get revenge on your ex boyfriend without having to disembark from the standards and dignity that you are trying to rebuild after your breakup? I know I have. If you want revenge on an ex, guess what? What if I told you there was a way you could get revenge on your ex boyfriend but also, keep your dignity intact, stay classy, and build back your self-love in the process?

You have absolutely nothing to lose and all the satisfaction in the world to gain. This could not have come at a better time. You truly have a gift and just saved me from so much embarrassment. Thank you!! Is it every too late to turn it around?

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I told his family how horrible he was and now I feel like I could never be the one that got away. And I also wanted her to know before he got to concocting a fake ass lie. Anyway, he kept texting and texting and then I just blocked him for good. He is going crazy. This post gives me life!!!!!!! Natasha, you are a queen. Thanks for reminding us that the most powerful thing we can do is continue being queens in spite of our heartbreaks! Your blogs help me refocus that intent! Your blog has changed my life, I only wish you had been around 15 years ago when I started dating.

Better late than never. This should be required high school reading. Thank you so much for this…. This article came up on my FB feed and I am glad I read it. I fell in love with a man who turned out to be a jerk, and while I do not want to air my grievances, I will say that the events during our relationship have had a profound negative effect on me. I am replying to this post because it validated my actions the final time I saw him.

After ruining our holiday together and telling me he no longer wanted a relationship, I replied that I understood and thanked him for his honesty. I decided to keep my dignity and grace by Why does my ex want revenge like a lady for the remainder of the trip.

When we parted ways at the airport, I walked towards my taxi and as a final gesture I stopped mid-way, turned and called his name. He looked up and I blew him a kiss with a big smile on my face, turned around and never looked back as I walked away. He did text me a few weeks later saying he had been thinking about that holiday and that he would me because his thoughts were too long to elaborate on via text. It has been 3 months since his text and while I am still hurting as a result of his actions, I at least have my dignity and know that the final time he saw me I was the woman that walked away with a smile on her face.

Thank you for the post, Natasha. Dignity and grace are always the way to go xoxo. I love this blog Natasha! I watched him move right on after I left and it hurt me right to my core. I like this as always. I admit I wanted to get revenge, my friends would tell me to go and tell him al this things that we know would really hurt him. Mwahhhh Natashs, loving this post lots!! I really want to stay in a state of non-reactivity but here is the thing. We cross paths at work, and I am consistently being called out or chatted up by people standing around him those that are oblivious to our situation but I think one or two of his close mates are catching on.

How do I respond when our mutual co-workers call out to me when he is standing right beside them? So I walk fast like a maniac, and walk away leaving that person that called out to me perplexed of what the hell is going on. I cannot give him a normal treatment like he did not do anything wrong … I refuse to speak to him, be anywhere near him or even look at him because of the walking disaster that he is. My normality.

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Thanks Natasha! Luv U!! No revenge photos, no quotes, no reaching out or initiating contact of any kind. I do still creep sometimes. I admit it. If I post something, he posts similar. He captions photos the same. He posts a selfie only once I do. What the heck is going on? Laugh it off and stay on your whitehorse. All of your power lies in non-reactivity. Thanks for reading Mari! Hi Ashley! I contacted you a few months back on this site. Your so amazing! We were together for 2 years. Then he met this girl for six months and married her last weekend. I was shocked and felt like a kick in my vagina.

I lost my dignity and I sent him nasty texts. I embarrassed myself so bad. Then I read your article. Embarrassed for myself.

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Thanks again! I hope his Karma comes back. Hi Tennille! Natasha, I have been really struggling with a recent break up after a 3 year relationship. I thought I was somewhat blase about him until he dumped me and I have been a mess. I just discovered this blog yesterday and already you have breathed new life into me. Thank you so mush for your wit and wisdom! So glad that it has helped. Thx for the love and for taking the time to reach out xx.

You just have this way with words Natasha? I feel as though this was written for me a day after my birthday and came about just at the right time! Your experiencesarticles and words have helped to carry me through my painful journey and I finally feel myself changing?? I trusted your words and began to love myself … And guess what? It benefited me a great deal? He is a troubled, insecure boy that craves female attention to feed his ego … I feel sorry for him now. I feel like every word in this article was written for me to read, Natasha!

My breakup was in April and running along like a quiet hum in the background is a ridiculousI secret pining for him! I was the one to break up and move out. I was the one who saw how crappy things had become. Yet since April we have been seeing each other almost once a week, sometimes from dinner, sometimes for a romp in the hay.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?! I am through. Commit to me. Time to to wear out my gym card and use this summer to get back in irresistible shape.

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Time to do more of what I love again. Time to stop reserving any space in my heart, head, future or bed for this imbecile. Just needed to read this. Stepping off the edge. Hi Sherri! Gawd, this was beautiful timing.

As I was reading, there was a chorus of angels in the background. He was cheating on me, thats what I found out. This gal Why does my ex want revenge invited in our home as a house sitter so he could take me up to Seattle for my birthday this past December. And this is what resulted from it. After I found out, I posted the betrayal on my Facebook. But he sent me a semi-threatening text a couple of days later. Not him, though. And I was right. He unfriended me on Fb, but is still following me on other social networks. Lots of great things have been happening lately with my art and one day, with not just one, but two big announcements, is when he unfriended.

I guess the good stuff happening TO ME, was too much for him to bear. So, I continue to train at the gym, ride my bike and fit into my size zero jeans. I will be resilient and let karma do its thing. Your advice is spot on. I thank you so much for it. Good for you Patricia. I believe in you and you are loved and supported xo Glad this post served you!

Thank you so much for this! We had been hooking up, which was obviously crazy. A kind sister from another forum sent a link to this blog. You go girl! Proud of you for having your own back now. I was with somebody for 12 years — he started going cold last year — I then found out he was cheating on me — I thought he was the love of my life you know!

I thought I was going to marry this guy! I was SO good to him and did everything for him — I believe this was the problem! Will I ever hear from him again, will he regret this? Keep coming back here to the blog, stay on your white horse and cut.

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I wish that I could help more, but I have too much to say to type it all out and not enough hands to type or hours in the day. This is why I can no longer give specific advice in the comments. I do offer one-on-one coaching if you are interested. Thank you so much for your love, for reading and for your understanding.

Why does my ex want revenge

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What To Do When You Want To Get Revenge On Your Ex