Wife being massaged

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. Sam L. ed Apr 3, My wife recently started getting regular massage at a local studio from a male therapist. After some prodding, my wife described me the massage. She starts off nude under a towel on her stomach. When Wife being massaged massages her lower back the towel is then partially and then completely removed. When she is on her back, her breasts are exposed and the towel is always covering her genitals.

This has happed the last couple of sessions. He asked her permission and she agreed. My wife is 37 and looks pretty good. The masseur is much younger. I've met him a couple of times and I don't really feel comfortable with this guy spending so much time with my wife nude. She says it doesn't bother her and makes it easier for him. She's accusing me of being controlling. I know nothing is happening but still ed Nov 7, No way would I be ok with that ed Apr 9, I have many, many massages from therapists of both sexes and NEVER had my naked butt or breasts exposed.

Professional therapists would, IMO, never even ask. Professionals are trained to work around this type of clothing. Your wife is pretty much a massage novice if she thinks this is a normal masseuse request, and the dude is taking advantage of her.

Or she knows darn well that this is not typical and she's complicit in the indiscretion. I live in the US and have no idea about standards elsewhere, btw. Things are a little different en Europe I hear. ed Jan 14, This is why I prefer to have a female masseuse LOL. But seriously tho', usually bra off is fine but never heard of the total naked thing.

I agree with Sister, she might thinks it's normal but believe me it doesn't sounds like a 'regular' massage. I'm in Asia, and no we don't strip butt naked. ed Feb 17, I see a female massage therapist weekly and am completely naked under the covers. She always has either a towel or covers over my breasts, netherregions and butt. She does, however, uncover one butt cheek at a time to really massage my glutes a problem area for me during hard marathon training.

She always gives you the option to keep as much clothing on as you feel comfortable with. There's really no reason to have breasts, genitals or the entire butt exposed even without undergarments on. I would be worried - this doesn't sound like professional behavior to me especially with an opposite sex MT.

ed Feb 19, No way would I do that with a male masseuse and I wouldn't put up with my husband having it done with a female. Tell her to find another masseuse, a female or none at all. It's your right. If she resists then you go in there and stand there and watch. See how long that lasts. The things people put up with. ed Dec 21, Freak On a Leash said:. I wouldn't put up with my husband having it done with a female. ed Mar 24, I'm wondering Wife being massaged there was something going on whether she would have still told you.

Maybe she could agree on another massage therapist. If she really cares about you, one wouldn't think that should be a problem. ed Jun 15, I agree with you, I would not be comfortable with my wife being naked and getting rubbed down my a young male masseuse. Suggest she seek a different place out and even try a female. Talk to her and like the other poster said, if she loves and cares about you it shouldn't be a problem.

ed May 20, I'd clarify the procedure with your wife, and just make sure you are on the same in terms of what exactly is happening. Naked isn't a big deal to some, to others it is. A professional masseuse is about making you feel relaxed and comfortable. If your wife is obviously uncomfortable with what he is doing, then his behavior borders on predatory. ed Jan 11, O HELL no.!!! ed Apr 5, She obviously has no problems with it. You do. Most likely she probably at least likes the attention and has a bit of fantasy that she is turning him on. Would she admit that to you if she wishes to continue.

Most likely not. Will they ever go further? You have already expressed your discomfort, she has already let you know that she has no intention of things changing. So how bad does it bug you. Because whether there is more than just a little flirt going on or not - you are most likely going to get the " you are over jealous, controlling and don't trust Wife being massaged line.

ed Feb 2, ed Jan 8, I definitely know how you feel.

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About a year ago, my wife started going to get a monthly massage. She wanted a guy because she said that their hands were much stronger. I never knew to what degree she got undressed I guess I never really thought about it Then one day I went with her we had to go to a friends home afterwards for dinner. I was shocked when she Wife being massaged undressed down to her bra and panties.

When he walked in she layed down and when she laid on her stomach, he undid her bra to massage her back. She was laying there almost completely naked making small talk with him. Afterwards I told her how suprised I was that she got that undressed. She said Its all professional as you can see. I get undressed for my doctor and you don't have a problem with that do you? I guess after that I had no real problem with it even though he was a younger good looking male. I will say though she only had her bra undone while she was laying on her stomach.

As soon as he wanted her to roll over, he hooked her bra back up. She never was laying on her back topless. I would be suspicious of someone that required her to do this. It doesn't seem to be professional.

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Ask her why she lays on her back topless. Most therapists will let you undress down to what you feel comfortable with. They won't require you to be naked. ed Apr 13, It was a smaller private house and the couple we were staying with knew the owner and his wife. We had a t massage and although we both started naked, covered with a large towel, as the husband worked on my wife he kept lowering Wife being massaged towel until she was completely uncovered.

At first I felt a little uncomfortable but since our hosts had recommended them, I thought it was just the custom there. She was just having a deep tissue massage and as he worked on her legs, it was pretty clear that he could see between them from behind. When I started to think about it, I found it fairly sexually arousing and actualy got an erection as his wife worked on my lower back and buttocks.

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When I finally had to turn over, my penis was fully erect and I was completely embarrassed, hoping that my wife would not turn to look over at me. But the wife that was doing me was completely professional and did not pay attention to it. Eventually it subsided, and I turned over again as she finished.

When my wife turned over, she was covered, and although he only lowered the towel to the tops of her breasts, he eventuall raised the lower half until her entire pubic triangle was exposed. But neither of them ever touched our genitals the entire time. My point in writing this is that I should probably asked them to keep us covered, but my erotic curiousity at having strange man see my wife nude took over.

I think there must be other men out there Wife being massaged feel the same way, but does that make me a bad person? I don't know and am curious what others think or if others have had an experience like this.

Wife being massaged

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