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I met many great people, and had a great time running the Fireball, and I'll always remember that time in my life with a certain idealism and warmth. Okidata Support, Okidata Technical Support SysOp: Bob Applegate me. The board later moved to Marlton when I moved into a house but I've got no idea what the phone was.

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A bit of info about the local BBS community back in the 80s. There were many local boards and we all got to know each other, so someone suggested a one-time get-together at a local restaurant. We had so much fun that the group starting meeting every couple of months, and eventually was dubbed the Bulletin Board User Group BBUG "bee-bug". No formal membership, no dues, just a dinner every now and then.

Most of the local sysops and many users came out. His younger sister was active on it and other local boards, doing some of the sysadmin work for him. Home of Livewire Door Colleclion. Fidonet, Throbnet, ILink, Usenet. We have special access for writers, columnist, cartoonist. Free Access for a look around.

Some free downloadable files listed in Bjulletin Direct source for ordering a subscription to BBS Magazine. Special access for writers, editors, publishers etc. Feel free to call at your earliest convenience.

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your article marked private in text format using ZIP. Stop by and visit with suggestions to improve the BBS Magazine or just to say hello to us. All messages replied to within 24 hours. Free Limited Access.

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Home of Livewire Door Collection. Internet, Fidonet.

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Throbnet, ILink, Usenet. and receive a 6 month subscription to BBS Magazine as a gift. Support and home for Doorframe door writing kit available for Quick Basic 4. BasCom and Visual Basic. I was a friend of them both in Middle School until Matt kicked Neal's ass one day. I went into business with Neal doing software and hardware repair and we closed the board. A first for the time in Apples. I run a small company, still doing computer service, called Reactive Computer Services.

Free Public Libr. Moore Service Indust. The main phone line 6 lines total was part of its logo. Dynalogic Product Support, Dynalogic Suppo. My Nightmare! BBS, So. The board varied from full-time to part-time and back again during the transitions between different hardware and software versions. The SysOp changed his handle from Rambo to Bumzy somewhere around We have www.

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Sysop: Cool. Using Cnet Pro 3. US Robotics at bps. Clink Network and Tradernet. Doors, chat, Conferences, Rip Graphics. BBS, Cumberland Co. Gaming Network, Computer Gaming Network Home of Trek Trivia Online. Sysop: John Carcione. Throbnet, Fidonet. Couple CDRoms online, Gigs of files, newsgroups etc. ErgoNet, So. NJ Dept. I was the sysop, and I'll be the first to say it was a horrible BBS.

FrEdMail System. S BBS, K. I shut it down because I was getting ready to leave for college; I would have put it back up after graduating except the Internet pretty much killed the whole BBS concept, at least in NJ. It ran without a case for a while sitting on my desk with leftover equipment that I cobbled together.

FusioN was a member of the art group ACiD. Radioactive Cockroach, Radioactive Cockroach Connection Atlantic Co. RelayNet allowed BBS systems to exchange worldwide, during the night, so users could read new mail every morning. Quite advanced for it's time. Over copies sold before the Internet burst on the scene and made BBS systems obsolete. My how times have changed Computer Sentinel. Logon: hello user. I ran this out of my barracks room. Sarnoff ResCen, D. SarnoffResCtr, Phoenix Board I had to beg my mom to get a seperate phone line so I could run it. I started off with a baud modem and I think ended with 56k, but it might have been Everything I did to my computer revolved around making a better BBS.

I ended up shutting it down when I discovered the world wide web. Connections BBSConnections! I was surprised that anyone remembered it, and pleasantly surprised when I found my listing on your site. This is a great project! Only had backups on Wives want sex tonight NJ Brigantine 8203 disks, and it was old. I had been running it remotely from college sinceso I decided just to scrap it. Law BBS, The Magnasys A. NetMagnus BBS If you'd like more stuff, let me know. BBS, I had upgraded it to a Pentium overdrive before upgrading to a dual Pentium pro server.

Towards the end when the internet was catching on, I had 3 phone line available, and online chat, something unheard of at the time. I did and will never forget the experience. I met LOTS of people! I am still alive and kicking! Sysop: Bill Roman.

Using PCBoard Princeton H. School BB, Princeton H. School BBS Sysop: Dick Soucy. Using TBBS 2. Hayes at No fee. Files updated weekly with new, virus-checked and verified files available on your first call. No fees, no restrictions. On-line games, and more. Jersey Dedicated Youth, So. I had 3 nodes. I was only allowed to have it online in the evenings, when school wasn't it, but somehow I managed to avoid administrative intervention thanks to the legendary Mr.

Wives want sex tonight NJ Brigantine 8203

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